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My husband, Macon Moore Jr., was amused over the typos in my column last week. He was named Malcom. Marian’s another reader commented that she didn’t know he had changed his name. Well, Monaray is the only one that can read my writing.. She wasn’t there last week.

Buckhead Baptist Church will have their Fall Festival on October 28. There will be a fun time. On October 17 there will be a work day 8-12 o’clock. They want to get everything cleaned up with winter coming. Lake Oconee Baptist Church will have backpacks for the poor in Apalachi. There will be food for the poor. They are also collecting coats for the poor in Kentucky. The date for coats being sent is October 20. You may call the pastor, the Reverend Alvis Richardson to find where to leave the coats if you aren’t a member of the church.

Their Fall Festival will be on October 24. The brotherhood will be October 13 at 6:30 p.m. The speaker will be Pete Culler for the men. The women’s’ will meet at the church also but will meet in another room. The church will have The Emmanus Road Quartet on October 25 at 6 p.m. Homecoming and Veteran’s celebrations will be November 8 at 10:00. Andy and Terri Pilgrim will be there that day.The church family is pleased over the fact that there was a baptism last week. A new person was brought before the church on Sunday for membership, that will be baptized. There will be a revival next April. That date will be given later.

Chuck and Merriam Foster went to Louisiana to see their daughter in a singing group, The Louisiana Baptist Women’s group. This is a very good group of ladies singing. They do light performances a year at different churches. While Chuck and Merriam were in Louisiana, their son, Turner came from Memphis to see his family.

The Fosters went to North Mississippi to see Jacob their grandson to play soccer. They enjoyed seeing their daughter, son, son-in-law and grandchildren. They came back with a cold, which has them feeling bad, but they will feel better in a few days. Julie Godbe had a birthday on October 14. Dennis and Julie were invited out to eat by Macon and Betty Moore. I was so sorry to hear of the death of Beatrice Smith of Eatonton. She was someone that I had known for more than fifty years. We worked together almost ten years. At one point, she and her husband Ed Smith, adopted a little girl and a boy that were brother and sister. They came from a family that had several other children. I saw how she dressed Linda up so cute with pretty dresses that she made. Her son was also dressed up. She and no children of her own. These two made her so happy. Linda became her caregiver as she aged for a numbers of years. Linda and her husband moved in with Beatrice some years ago. I have no information of the funeral plans. I will not be able to go to the funeral.

Robert Smith, Sr. has a birthday on October 16. Shane Smith has a birthday on October 18. Happy Birthday to you!

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