Anyway, Scott likes to have picnics

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The Buckhead Baptist Church will have a Fall Festival on October 28 at 6pm. You are all invited. Why not get someone to come with you for a good time? It’s free!there will be hot dogs, chili and as a matter of fact, a chili cookout, games for children, a big hay ride, a cake walk and cold drinks. Adults are invited too! It sounds like this will be a great time! This event will be on a Wednesday. Usually, AWANA is on Wednesday. The youth have a great time each time they are at AWANA. This not only is fun, but youth also learn about the Lord.

Edna Smith went with someone to Messiahs Mansion with Moses sanctuary service. She enjoyed it very much. Edna Smith told me that if her husband, Ronney Smith, had been living, they would be married for 67 years. Freida and Christie White went to a beautiful wedding at Fairview Methodist Church at Lawrenceville of Ruthies’ youngest daughter of the late Charles and and Millie White. She married Everett Stowe. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have the Emmerous Road Quartet on October 25 at 6pm. this seems like it would be a good group to listen to. Why not come to Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on October 25 at 6 p.m.? On November 8, will be homecoming at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. They will also honor all vets on this day.

Andy and Terri Pilgrim will be there at the church at 10:30 am. You are invited to attend. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel people will have revival next April. They plan on having a revival that many people will attend. In the people that attend, there is the hope that souls will be saved, and baptized to come to serve God. I noticed that the time change will be on November 1. Daylight saving time will end on that date. To me, it is shocking to see the changes, but it has always been like this. It gets dark a lot sooner it seems. The sun seems to just drop and it is dark quickly. Yet, in the morning time, I awake with darkness yet upon us. The sun is like it is closer to the earth, with much brighter sun rays. If you are in the sun, you can still get burned, while in the shade it’s cool.

Last winter our friend Scott came from Atlanta to see us. He brought lunch from the marina. He is a nice man that we have come to love. He hunts down here. He is so nice to me that I have a love for him, as if he was our son. Fact is, my family calls him my son, since we did not have one. Anyway, Scott likes to have picnics. So he asked if it was OK to get a card table to put in the sun where it was warm. The temperature was really cold in the shade. It was mid-winter. We sat there. It was almost too warm, yet it was a time that we enjoyed the food, the company, and the bright warm sun. We had a picnic a few weeks ago, when he was down with his son. that was very polite. We sat in the semi-shade. Scott had smoked a pork roast the day before that he had cut up into small pieces. He brought buns, barbecue sauce, drinks, chips and the whole works. We sat there enjoying ourselves greatly. Fact is, whenever Scott comes it is an enjoyable time for us all. I would not have minded having a son if he was like Scott, if he was as nice, good looking, and caring for others, but God did not let us have a son.

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