Always give with the right attitude of what you can

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I don’t know what happened last week Patrick said he did not get my news so some of this will flow over from last week. I’m so tired of discussing the weather so I won’t do that this week. I hope all my readers had a great week and I missed being with you last week. But I have a good excuse. I had a last minute chance to go see my three-month-old great grandson and I could not turn down this opportunity as I had not met him and I think that is a legitimate excuse.

We as always had a good service on Sunday and appreciate the visitors. II Corinthians 9: 6-15 was the scripture headed up with the title “Benefits and Guidelines for Grace Giving.:” We can begin with love, laughter, thanksgiving. Do you give in th4 right frame of mind or with resentment? Always give with the right attitude of what you can and receive the best blessing. Benefits of giving:

1. Giving blesses YOU. God wants a cheerful giver and benefit s will come in abundance.

2. It brings honor and glory to God. It helps the needs of others.

3. Tithing glorified God and benefits the giver.

4. Tithing beautifies people, causes them to have willing hearts.

5. Everyone needs to pray and gracefully give. Could you tell that Danny and Ginny were in heaven this weekend. They enjoyed the love and visit of their two nieces Kadence and Delaney. I could not believe how these two little girls have grown. I know they love Danny and Ginny and I know the feeling is mutual. We are in the process of starting up a new choir and first practice was on Sunday and I had to miss. We thank Shannon Busbee for this and we will all try to support her as I think this is a big part of our worship services. Reason I missed our first choir practice my daughter Gayle ha a birthday on Sunday and all her family met to help her celebrate getting a year older and she is thankful to see another birthday. James and I as well as Joan, her mother-in-law, her two children and families, Trae, Amber Ariel, Susanne, Bailey and Anna were all there as we enjoyed a delicious meal, mostly fresh from her still “putting out” garden.

Birthday blessings for you Gayle, always. Saturday, Oct. 30 about 17 of our Snellville High School Class of 1955 enjoyed being at the beautiful lake home of Bobby and Marion Williams on Lake Harwell. For lunch we enjoyed fish or barbecue at a local restaurant and I forget the name! Thank you for having us and it was so enjoyable. Really, with being out of town I do not have much to say in the way of church and community news. I depend on YOU to help with this. Now let me tell you about my blessed weekend, but first of all I want to thank James’ cousin, Thomas Buice for “baby sitting” with James so that I could get away. He came down from Tennessee on Friday and stayed until Tuesday. Thomas you do not know how much I appreciate you doing this for me. The weekend began with part of the day spent with Bobby and Marion. Our daughter Gayle planned to make it possible so she and I left from Hartwell and headed for North Carolina, where we enjoyed being with our family especially Dalton, the newest member of our family, a great weekend. While I was away James and Thomas visited with Wayne and JoAnn Hix. For you hunters there are so many deer roaming around, even 8 to 10 in our yard every night.

Our great granddaughter Olivia shot a 10 pointer this weekend and Curtis also got a good “pointed one”. James and I had a great time at the Wild West Music Hall in Monroe on Friday night. We always enjoy hearing Clarke Kesler and Sandie Stephens. Some others I had the pleasure to meet also sang and I did too, Thanks for the spot for me. At Maysville this Thursday night Holy Reign, Jerry and Denice Taylor will be there. Clarke will not be with them and please lift him up in prayer as he will again have surgery for cancer. This is a mighty man of God and I know our Lord will guide that surgeon’s hands with our dear friend. We had a nice visit with Curtis and Kathleen Baughcum last Wednesday before church. He has two new loves that I had not met, two LARGE Dogs that he adores. Sandy Martin seems to be healing great and feeling good from his recent back surgery, Now both the children Lilly and Noah are both scheduled for some minor surgery soon and to all our sick and bereaved we are pray8ng for you.

Belated wishes to Billie Jo Arnold who is celebrating today the 9th and to our pastor Butch Jackson who celebrated on the 13th. Blessings for Virgil Bumgarner on the 18th and to Curtis Baughcum on the 11th and Betty King on the 12th. Happy anniversary to Steve and Cindy Smith on the 25th. LEARN TO RECOGNIZ A SIGN OF POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER: Difficulty remembering things or co So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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