City OKs $630,000 project

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

The Madison City Council approved a bid for the Northside Diversion Force Main Project last Friday, which will shutdown the Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant and turn it into a pumping station to send water to the Southside Plant for treatment. The total cost is $663,597, with a possible additional $15,940 for other work that may be needed. Legacy Water Group out of Covington won the bid and will complete the project for the city. The Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant, built in 1970, is older, smaller, and not as modernized as the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Northside plant is located at 1330 Hayes Street, and handles the northwest portion of Madison, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of the city’s total wastewater. “It’s been long anticipated and it’s going to be a good move,” said City Manager David Nunn, who estimated the project should be completed in a little over six months. The City Council also unanimously approved City Planner Monica Callahan’s request to apply for a Georgia Department of Transportation beautification grant in the amount of $40,000. Callahan has selected the intersection at Highway 83 and 278 as the area for the GDOT to consider for the grant. If the city is awarded the Gateway Grant, no matching dollars from the city will be required, but future maintenance costs will. “Every once in a while we try to find grants and levy every tax dollar we can,” said Callahan. “That’s what we hope to do here…it’s one of the entrances to our city, so we are hoping we will be considered,” said Callahan. “Gateways are important,” said Councilman Joe DiLetto. “First impressions are important,” remarked City Councilwoman Chris Hodges. “It’s barren and arid land. The area could use this grant.”

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