Only with gratitude does life become rich

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I do wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving as you gather with your families near and far.  Even though this world seems to be in a state of turmoil, we still have many, many things to be thankful for.  I was looking ahead in the devotional booklet, “Our Daily Bread” on Thanksgiving Day and it said, “That we are to give thanks when we come into His presence, and the requests we bring to Him are to be wrapped in a spirit of thanksgiving.  Such an attitude of gratitude will help us remember our abundant blessings.  Even in the midst of trouble and despair, God’s presence and love are our constant companions.”

There was also this saying at the end of that day’s devotional, “It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”  Our family is having some first-hand knowledge about the terrorist situation in Brussels, since my brother, Tim and his family, are living there.  He told us this weekend that a decision had been made to close all the schools in Brussels on this Monday.  They had already placed police guards at the entrance to the school that Kacey attends.  The subway has been closed and when Tim went to the grocery store on Saturday, they only had one door open and they were checking bags when you went in. They have also closed a lot of other places where people tend to gather.  He said they are more or less hunkered down at home, but that they feel safe.

We all know that anything can happen anywhere, but it is rather nerve-wracking to all of us here.  We need to remember Larry Jordan in our prayers as he had to be admitted to the hospital this past week with kidney issues and a little pneumonia.  He is at Athens Regional.   Also remember Mr. Bob Hearing, a worker at the Source of Light Ministries is also in the hospital in very serious condition.  His family lives up north where they are having all that snow and have not been able to make it down here as of yet.

So please pray for him.  We want to extend our sympathy to Rebecca and Ryan Morgan and their family as Ryan’s father, Sam Morgan passed away this past week after an extended illness. Services were held on Saturday afternoon at Carter’s funeral home chapel.   We also have heard that Pete Carpenter passed away; he was the son of the Arthur Carpenter’s who lived in the lower Bethany community some years ago.  We also learned of the passing of Dr. Rhodes on Union Point.  Dr. Rhodes was a Dr. over in Greene County for many years and many from here went to him.  Mrs. Marie Bell, here in the Bethany community, was his nurse for almost the entire time he practiced medicine in Union Point.

We are happy to send congratulations to Chad and Holly Roling upon the birth of their little girl, Edith Marie, who was born very early Saturday morning.  She came a little early but weighed 6 lbs and 11 ounces and Mama and baby are doing good.  Little Edie is named for her paternal great-grandmother, Mrs. Edith Roling, so that makes her very happy.  Little Edie is welcomed by her big brothers, Hayden and Henry as well as her big sister, China, and many other grandparents, great-grandparents.  I will probably leave some out if I try to list them!!  Tommy and Raynor Cathey attended grandparents day in Grayson for their grandson’s, Max and Jack Leo.  Afterward, Tommy and Raynor left for Texas where they will be visiting Scott, Jennifer, and Jake Harris during the Thanksgiving holidays. They are also planning on taking Jake and one of his friends to San Antonia and to the Alamo while he is on break.  The Brown family reunion was held at Bonner’s restaurant on this past Sunday.  Mrs. Hattie Brown with all of her brothers and sisters with their families were able to be present for this joyous occasion.

The Porter family Thanksgiving was held at the home of Janice and Chuck Philippi on Porter Road this past Sunday.  Those attending were Jonathan, Jenna and Cooper Philippi, Jason,  Rebekah, Grayson, Morgan and Kentlee Kilpatrick, Joe and Julie Sabbadino of Greenville, SC, Sally and Dan Porter, Sarah Nell and Steve Craig with Peyton, Elise, and Meri Kenny, Scott and Madeline Porter, Holly Ogletree and Johnathan Voyles, Sadie, Mary Elizabeth, and Jake Carver of Perry,  Bunnie and Jim Schmitt, Irene Paul, Blanche and Jake Wilson and Chuck’s parents, the Myron Philippi’s. They had a house full and a lot of delicious Thanksgiving food.  Sarah Nell Craig will have the Kenny grandchildren as her guests this week while their parents are on a business trip.  Steve Craig will be gone all week with his trucking business being sure everything is delivered on time to their respective places.

Gloria and William Crew also hosted a family Thanksgiving at their home on this past Sunday with their children and families, Evelyn Bone, April Bone, and the Johnny Messer family.  They also had a house full and delicious food, I am sure! Leigh and Matt Wilson are glad to have their daughter, Marlee Malcom, home for the Thanksgiving holidays from the University of West Alabama.  Chip and Shannon Porter are expecting Will home from ABAC college this week also and are looking forward to that.  Doug Powell of Italy is in Georgia this week visiting his family in North Georgia and also the Bruce family here.  He plans to get in some deer hunting while here.  Effie could not come as Rose is still in school.  He had vacation days he needed to use before the end of the year, so what better place to come than home!  Effie Powell and Esther Curry celebrated their birthdays this past week in their respective countries!  Esther enjoyed having dinner on Thursday evening with William and Connie Zachry.  Amy and Darrell Greenway along with Ellen Bruce were also their guests.  I believe pheasant was the entree as William had recently been on a hunting trip!  Effie said it was very good!

The Fairview Club met this past Wednesday at the home of Esther Curry on the Eatonton Hwy.  Mrs. Joan Gilbert had a Thanksgiving devotional in the absence of our chaplain, Patsy Holbert.  We all went around and told things we were thankful for in our lives of which there are many.  Our annual Christmas luncheon will be held on Friday, Dec. 11th at 1:00 at the Bethany Bapt. Church fellowship hall with Annette Eaton catering it.  Each member is to bring a $5.00 edible gift for our gift exchange.  Please let Pat Stinchcomb or Esther Curry know if you are planning on attending.  The Jim Horne’s, missionaries whom Bethany Church supports, were the guest speakers at Bethany on this past Sunday morning.  Also, remember the fruit sale that Station 8, the [Springfield – Bethany fire Dept. is having, but they need to have your order by this Wed., Nov. 25th.  They are selling grapefruit and navel oranges.  A 20 lb box of oranges or grapefruit or a mixed box is $27.00; a 40 lb. box of oranges or grapefruit or a mixed box is $47.00.  You may contact Ben Bruce at 706-342-4012 if you wish to order.  Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

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