Thankful to be an American

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I think everyone around was hit with a big, white, killing frost on this past Sunday morning.  It was way past the date for the fogs in August, but I am glad for it; the longer it held off getting cold was Okay with me.  It even made me want to build a fire!  Now I have to get in the “fire-building” mode again; saving your old newspapers and food boxes from the kitchen, etc, cleaning out the ashes, etc., but, I am thankful that I can build a fire, we have wood for a fire, we have a nice home that a wood heater will warm nicely, electricity for a heater that will come on automatically before I can get a fire built, and on and on, the blessings that all of us are tremendously blessed with in this country.  I have never heard one person say who has been abroad but what they were so happy when they came back to the old USA.  Some have even kissed the ground!

Most of all, I am thankful for a loving Savior who came to this earth as a baby, grew up into a man, was crucified on the cross for all of our sins, and rose again and is even now preparing a home for us above the clouds.  Oh what love He has for us!  What more could we want or ask for?  Praise the Lord daily for all your blessings! No wonder these infidels that are causing so much destruction in our world want to destroy our peace of mind.  In their warped minds they are jealous of our way of life, I guess.  First of all they are demon possessed and have been so brain-washed with the propaganda that they are being fed that they are not even capable of thinking for themselves any more.  We are all going to have to be stronger than we have ever been to withstand the evils and wiles of the Devil as he roams and walks among us in many, many disguises. He is especially preying on young minds as you can tell from the ages of the terrorists that do this evil all over the world.  The internet is a wonderful tool for information, but as with anything, the Devil can use it for his doings also, as that is how the terrorist groups are doing their recruiting these days.  We all need to be prepared for whatever comes our way and I am really preaching to myself most of all.  I pray I will be.

God help us all. We especially want to congratulate Abby Bruce, the daughter of Ginger and Charles Bruce, and Ryan Speed as they were united in marriage this past weekend in Dahlonega, GA.  They were married on Saturday evening at Juliette Chapel in Dahlonega.  A wonderful and delicious dinner reception was held afterward at the fellowship hall of the church.  After a beautiful, romantic send-off amid an arch of sparklers held by the guests, Abby and Ryan left for their honeymoon to Jamaica.  Upon their return they will reside at their home  in the North Ga. mountains.  Abby is a registered nurse at Children’s Healthcare Hospital in Atlanta and the groom is employed at a farm supply store.  Among those going up for the wedding were Charles and Ginger Bruce, Rodney Wynne, Roger and Carolyn Bruce, Sherrie Bruce, Bob Moorhead, Julie and John Thompson, Robert and Rita Burt, Bobby Burt and his family, along with Trey and Kristin Bruce among many other friends and relatives.  We all wish them many blessings in their new married life.

Ben Porter had a very big weekend this past weekend as he along with his mother, Shannon, and other friends and relatives traveled to  Louisville, KY, to the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) to show his prize sheep and lambs.  NAILE is the largest major sheep show in the country.  There were 1378 sheep in 35 classes w/ classes averaging 35 + sheep to a class.  Ben took 3 sheep and all 3 made the cut, which is a really big deal.  Ben placed 8th, 5th, and won class 22 with his sheep who is named “Big MIke.”  He then went on to the Suffolk division where he and Big Mike won Grand Champion Suffolk.  Out of the 1378 lambs in the show, only 10 got to go back for the overall Grand drive.  Ben and Big Mike were one of those 10!  Winning this is also a first for the state of Georgia–for a showman from GA to win a breed championship at NAILE!  Since Ben is a senior this was a great ending to a show career.  It has always been a dream of Ben’s to win a class at a major show!

A LOT of hard work went into winning this!  So we indeed send out a BIG congratulations to Ben!!  A job well done!!  Maggie Harper and Karalynn Clifton also had a big weekend at a USA swim-meet in Augusta this last weekend.  Karalynn won the 100 yard breaststroke and the 100 yard freestyle with a new best time that was also a state cut!  She also placed in the 100 yard butterfly, the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 yard backstroke.  Maggie came in 2nd in the 50 yard breaststroke and 7th and 8th in the 25 yard backstroke and freestyle events.  A big congratulations to you both, girls!!  Dale Thompson along with her friends, Carol Bryan and  Christine Jackson went to Brunswick this past Saturday to attend an official visit in District 8 of the Eastern Star.  They also visited with Mrs. JoNell Thompson, past Grand Matron of Georgia while they were there.

The Springfield and Bethany Station 8 fire department is again selling delicious navel oranges and grapefruit for the holiday season.  They will not be ordering any extra this season, so if you would like some you need to place an order.  It is $27.00 for 20 lbs of fruit….all oranges, all grapefruit, or a mixture, and $47.00 for 40 lbs of fruit….all oranges, all grapefruit, or a mixture.  They need to have your order by Nov. 25th and you can call Ben Bruce at 706-342-4012 if you would like to order some.  Also, remember the Maid of Pottery open house this coming weekend at the home of Dianne Davies and Sara Thompson at 1691 Apalachee River Road close to Buckhead.

This is on Friday, Nov. 20th, from 3:00 – 7:00 for a cheese and wine reception, Saturday, Nov 21st from 10:00 – 4:00, and again on Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00.  They will have their beautiful pottery on display and for sale in addition to some other crafters hand-made wares such as antique jewelry for sale among other items.  Mrs. Hattie Bonner wants to remind all of her Brown family relatives of their Brown reunion on this coming Sunday, Nov. 22nd at noon at Bonner’s Restaurant in Buckhead.

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