Double Checking Dairy Farms

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When I saw a picture of a cow on the front page of The Citizen last week; I especially took notice!  When I read the article, I immediately began to take issue with some of the claims in the article.  First of all, it said that our Extension Agent, Lucy Ray, was quoted as saying there are 20 dairies in Morgan County.  When my “other half” got home from dairying that evening, I read him what it said in this article.  I said, “Do you think there are 20 dairies left in Morgan County?”  He immediately said, “NO, there sure isn’t.”   So, I proceeded to make a list….and like Santa Claus, I have checked it twice.  We only came up with 14 dairies in Morgan County.  I even called Lucy Ray this Monday morning to question her….she admitted it wasn’t right either; that 14 dairies was correct.

She was only going on a report that had been sent to her office from the Univ. of Ga.   Well, sometimes you can’t believe everything you read.  I even questioned her on Morgan being third in production, but she assures me this is correct.  Please excuse me, I just had to clarify this!

We had two men who are connected with our community, Mike Eaton and Terry Richardson,  to undergo kidney transplant surgery this past week. Both of these men have battled kidney disease and had to undergo dialysis for quite a while, so we are praying that these operations will give them a new lease on life!  Mike is the son on Mrs. Olena Eaton here on Baldwin Dairy Road and Terry is married to the former Kathy Moorhead who grew up here in the Bethany community.  Mike now lives down close to the Sugar Creek Marina and Terry lives in Eatonton where he is the pastor of a church there.  Terry was operated on at Emory in Atlanta and came home over the weekend and Mike was operated on in Augusta and is scheduled to come home today.  We pray that they will soon recover and be able to enjoy life again! Little Miss Kylie Vining, daughter of Anna Bonner, celebrated her 2nd birthday on this past Saturday with a wonderful birthday party in the Sugar Creek Church fellowship hall.  The theme was Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse.  Kylie loved seeing everyone, playing with her friends, and opening her many gifts.  Many friends and family were on hand to wish her a Happy Birthday and enjoy grilled hotdogs with all the trimmings as well as birthday cupcakes.  Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Kylie!

The Thrasher family had their annual family reunion down at Bonner’s Restaurant on Sunday at lunch.  Ernie and Teresa Thrasher with their children and families, Mike and Star Huff, and Annette and Larry Thompson and their family from Tifton  were among those who were there.  Sara and Roland Nash enjoyed a mini-vacation this past week for some much needed R & R to Laguna Beach, California.  Mrs. Jan Moorhead enjoyed keeping the home fires burning while they were away.

Tommy and Raynor Cathey have just returned from  Nashville, TN, with Gene and Karen Massey where they attended the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium and were also able to enjoy a backstage tour.  They had a great trip!  Tommy and Raynor Cathey also had an early Christmas celebration on Sunday with their children, Steve Leo of Grayson, Mark Harris of North Carolina, Michelle Cathey of Atlanta, and Jim Cathey of Buckhead.  The Leo’s will soon be leaving to spend a month in Australia with Steves parents as part of their Christmas celebration.

Connie and Paul Shumake celebrated their Thanksgiving in Decatur at their nephew, Brad Mayfield’s home with his family, sister-in-law, Phyllis and Paul’s mother, Mrs. Floy Shumake, who celebrated her 90th birthday that day.  Connie also worked with the tour of homes this past weekend by volunteering at the  Joshua Hill house and at the Richter Cottage and by also helping them get the cottage “tour-ready!”  Connie and Paul’s granddaughter’s sang with the children’s choir on Sunday at The Presbyterian Church and Paul played in their handbell choir as part of their church’s Christmas celebration.  Sally and John Hensley enjoyed watching their grandsons, Christopher and Colton Morgan, have a part in the children’s Christmas program up at Centennial this past Sunday.  The Centennial J Tunes Choir put on “A Tree Lot Christmas.”  Christopher and Colton were policemen.

The children of Bethany Baptist Church put on their Christmas program also for the congregation this past Sunday morning.  I heard they did an excellent job!  Afterward all the congregation enjoyed their annual Christmas lunch together in the fellowship hall catered by Annette Eaton. Antioch Baptist Church also had their annual Christmas dinner on this past Friday evening.  They had a very good attendance and some very good eating!  ` Antioch had a man and his daughters visit with them on Sunday morning from Idaho.  His name was Ed Jones.  He told them he grew up in California, but moved to Idaho several years ago.  He has an ancestor who was a member of Antioch by the name of Isaac Jones, who dates all the way back to 1821.

He was traveling this way for work reasons and decided to stop in Madison and try to look up his ancestors graves.  Esther said the cemetery at Antioch now doesn’t date back that far, so they are thinking it is up at the original church site which is a little ways back up the road close to where Walton’s Mill is located.   I don’t know if the man had any luck locating it or not.        Antioch is also planning on having their annual Christmas Eve service which will start at 6pm on that Thursday night.

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