Upcoming Christmas Celebrations

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Buckhead Baptist Church will have their Christmas program December 13 at 6 p.m. bring a $5 gift to exchange. Bring finger food. They will have a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. Christie White came to her grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving Day. Her grandmother made some of her delicious dressing. It was delightful. George and Laura Lohr went to Colorado for Thanksgiving. They visited with their daughter Elizabeth and family. Reid and Gwen Alliston had family for Thanksgiving. There were about 20 there. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel had Brotherhood December 8. The WMU was at Jane Kiplinger’s house. They will have Communion on Christmas Eve. They will have watch night on New Year’s Eve.

We have several birthdays. Robin Griffith has a birthday on December 11; Lacey Smith has one on December 12; Brandy Godby had one on December 6; Ian Brandt has one on December 14; Brookyn Smith has one on December 15. Here’s hoping that each of you will have a happy birthday! And I hope that you will have a great time celebrating the Lord’s birthday on December 25! Isn’t the weather so nice? The days are a little cool but the sun shines so beautifully. Let’s enjoy these days because the cold, cold weather will be here shortly. We had our family here for Thanksgiving. It was a nice day. I read in the paper a few days ago about Ricky McGinnis growing cane and making syrup. I remembered about daddy growing cane for syrup. Someone with syrup equipment would come.

A mule pulled the machine that crushed the cane. The juice ran into a big vat that was used to boil the juice when it was all out. They would let me drink some of the juice. It was really good just crushed into the vat. But it was really good when it was put into a big wooden barrel after it cooked and thickened. When we needed syrup for breakfast we went out to the smoke house with a dispenser to pour syrup. Mama would have a large pan of homemade biscuit that she brought out of the oven. Talking about good, that’s what we had, along with homemade sausage and grits. We were on the farm and we had a good meal from our homegrown products. When the syrup was about gone it would get thick in the bottom, almost like sugar. When they went to the smokehouse to get syrup, they saw little finger prints (mine). It was really good. As a matter of fact, I loved sugar that mama bought to make desserts. So no matter little finger dug into it. Bad, bad! And there was a time that mama got it all stopped.

For instance back then sugar was weighed in the store from a large brown bag that held sugar also held other things. One day daddy offered me something that looked like sugar. So, I dug my little hand in and got my fingers full. After putting it in my mouth I knew what it was – Epsom salt. After that it all stopped. That probably stopped me from getting to be diabetic. I ate a lot of sugar.

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