‘He will give you what you need when it is needed’

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Not a beautiful day, drizzly, but how can we complain when the weather has been so beautiful especially for December. I thank you Lord for the weather changes you send us, and I thank you for today.. If my Mama was still living we would be celebrating her birthday today……I miss her every day as do so many of you my age that have lost your loving parents. Sunday was a beautiful day…..a good crowd present to hear the beautiful sermon as Butch took his message from Luke 2…..” A Great Announcement”.   I really enjoyed this message (as I do all his messages)…..he tells us that four great hymns came from Luke….old songs once were written around praising God…. This Scripture comes from the shepherds.  Music gets to us, or it does me…makes us stamp our feet.  The Psalms were sung as they went to church, and on the way home songs of thankfulness were sung.   HYMN:   to vocally praise, an expression of praise to God, an invitation to join in. Angels sang peace on earth.  They sang to proclaim. Immediately after the worship service we enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the fellowship hall….had lots of good food and I can brag….. Miss Ellie Johnson did a beautiful job of decorating with the help of Hiliary.   The hall looked so nice and appealing.  Thanks to all those that helped with the side dishes. It was good to see Wendy Patterson back with us….she has to work most Sundays and hard for her to make it….it’s always great when Patsy Greene and Mary Beacham feels like coming…..Remember Ruby and Eddie Stewart also, as you pray.   What a beautiful occasion as Elanor and Felix Brunot celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party put on by their loving family.   Ginny and Danny Bell tookpart in helping Ginny’s parents celebrate.

Happy anniversary to these two…Steve Smith had open heart surgery last week and he is doing great….he even got home ahead of schedule….Bennie Dooley is counting off the days until his surgery in January.   Both Lilly and Noah Martin will be having surgery this week…..Lillywill stayed over night.  Betty Walker has been sick and on the verge of pneumonia, as has Eleanor Johnson…..Lou Comans is making it a day at a time, the same for  Mr. O. L. and Mr. Bud.  I’m trying to come down with something so I will be seeing the doctor this afternoon. I’ve got to get myself well….I have 20 people invading my home this week end…..and I don’t like spreading my germs…..I am almost a fanatic when it comes to germs around here. Remember our Christmas card box is ready for your in house cards. Our ladies, LIFT, enjoyed our Christmas dinner last Thursday night….we had about 17 to turn out for a good barbecue meal.

We miss our loving church in Decatur…..one of our favorites and one of the oldest living left this earth yesterday to step over the line and take God’s hand. I send my sympathy to the family of Janie Daniel….Kathy and Martha, my love is sent to you two girls. I had the joy of having Kathy in my Sunday School class for many years…..I loved my little girls as I went up each year with them until their college years. Ashley Stewart is having a birthday today (Monday).  Bill Lyle, our former neighbor celebrates today also.  Happy birthday to Blake Stewart on the 20th. Belated wishes for Tyler Ward and happy birthday to his mom, Becky Stovall on the 21st. “God meets daily needs daily.  Not weekly or annually.  He will give you what you need when it is needed”.  Amen to that. Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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