Upcoming Christmas Celebration

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Families are getting ready for Christmas. Some are having family reunions. Others are getting ready to travel to see family out-of-town. Children are excited because Santa is coming. My family used to come at Christmas, the brothers and sisters when their children were small. They waited until after their children had seen what they were getting for Christmas from that fat jolly man St. Nick. They would all get there anywhere from mid-morning until just before lunch. I had one sister that was a “big” talker. She took up nearly all the talking time. Others did not get to say a lot. Once at Christmas that sister came home with her family. She could not talk above a whisper. That gave this other sister a laugh, not because her sister couldn’t talk or was sick but because she could get a “lot” of talking time.

That was the topic of conversation for years. You better guess that the following time the first one, the talker came home she made up for lost time! But that made for a merrier Christmas for all when the “whispering” one came! Now both sisters are in heaven. They see each other all of the time. I don’t believe that God would let them compete with one another in talking. There is work and worship to be done there. And the Jesus Christ whose birthday that they celebrated here at Christmas when they were on earth, it is a Merry “Christ”mas all of the time there. Edna Smith visited Lilla Jo Evans one day recently. Dennis and Julie Godbee had his family on Saturday. There were over 20 there. They get together each year before Christmas. Sylvia Moon visited her mother, Jackie Messer, Sunday. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel had their Cantata that I was told was very good. They had a time when there were refreshments, games and a good time had by all. One thing that they did was a contest for the ugliest shirt. Dottie Ellersber won. She had a shirt that had flashing lights with something written on the back of the shirt. She had to have batteries into her shirt so the lights would flash. That was neat! All the churches are having their programs now before Christmas.

One other game that Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel played was “White Elephant.” That always brings fun and laughter. There are several birthdays. Bobby Smith has a birthday on December 16. Sonya Mullins has a birthday on December 18. I hope that you both have a great birthday! Our two girls, my husband and I would wander in the woods looking for a tree for Christmas to decorate. Sometimes we walked a distance before we found what we wanted. We would always find a tree but it was not like we had dozens from which to pick. Times one girl would like one tree while the other one didn’t. It would get to the point that we finally just cut one. We walked a long distance. When we were tired I think that all of us decided that there wasn’t a perfect tree out in t he wild. My husband would cut it. He would drag it back home. The girls would sometimes go to their beds to rest from all of the walking. After lunch they pulled the decorations from the attic to begin to dress the naked tree. Pretty soon the tree came alive with the decorations of all sorts, kinds and colors. When the many lights were wrapped about the tree they became a beautiful sight. They both stepped back from the tree to see their art that they displayed in making each tree every year one that was the most beautiful one of all. Then the gifts were wrapped and displayed to help the tree complete with its dress. Merry Christmas to all!

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