Celebrating the birth of Christ

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Merry Christmas to all of you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Lord!  Everywhere around the towns and the country-sides are beautifully decorated with greenery, big, red Christmas bows, wreaths, and twinkling lights.  But when Jesus was born, there was none of that….he was born in a lowly barn and placed in swaddling clothes in a manger of hay because there was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph that night when they had laboriously and finally made their way to Bethlehem after several days of travel on foot and on a donkey.  We know that all of this fulfilled the prophecy in the Old Testament as to the Messiah’s birth and arrival.

The angels did not announce his arrival to kings and queens, but to shepherds tending sheep in a field and only a bright star above where he lay in a manger told where he was.  Amazing!  The Bible is full of examples of how God used ordinary people and ordinary circumstances to fulfill His prophecy.  He also did this to teach all of us Christians a lesson.  We need only to have faith to receive God’s richest blessings.   What a wondrous night it was when Christ our Savior was born and what a wondrous day it will be when He comes for us again!     We need to remember Beverly Boyce in our prayers as she had knee-replacement surgery on last Friday.  She got to come home on Sunday afternoon, but is still in a good bit of pain.  We hope she recovers soon and will get to enjoy having a new knee!  We also need to remember Dr. Phillip Wood as he has been having problems with one of his eyes, which they think is a viral infection.  It has really been a bother and a struggle for him.  Say a prayer for him also.  He thinks it is getting some better, thankfully.

We want to congratulate Dallas and Molly Bonner as they welcomed their little boy, Grayson Lee, into the world on this past Saturday afternoon.  He weighed 8 lbs and was 20 1/2 inches long.  Brooks Bonner is his big brother and Taylor Miller is his big sister.  Grandparents are Bill and Debra Bonner, Jane Laseter, Jimmy Laseter, and Mrs. Gloria Laseter and Mrs. Hattie Bonner are the great-grandmothers.  Welcome to the world little Grayson! We also congratulate Ryan Morgan as he graduated last weekend from Command College at Columbus State with his Master’s Degree.  He did this while working full-time at the Gwinnett Police Department.  Good work, Ryan! We also want to congratulate Chelsea Davis, daughter of Brad and Shannon Davis and Tina Knight also graduated this past weekend from Georgia State University in Atlanta.  Brad and Shannon Davis, Tina and Matt Knight, Mrs. Sandra Brown, Laurie Lewis, and Mrs. Sally Thornton were among those who traveled to the graduation ceremony.  There is also another college graduate in our community as Dan Burt received his PHD in Soil Science from the Univ. of Georgia on Saturday.  Dan is married to the former Ashley Clark, the daughter of Dave Clark and Nancy Clark.  They live with their son in the home of her great-grandmother, Mrs. Mildred Hilsman.  Congratulations, Dan!

McCayla Cook is recuperating from her appendectomy and she also received some good news this past week.  She has been awarded a Dean Scholar’s Award to Georgia College and State University.  Congratulations, McCayla!  Good work!  Peyton, Elise, and Meri Kenny, Sarah Nell and Steve Craig’s granddaughter’s from Acworth, spent the weekend down here.  They love to go to Buckhead and skate in the skating rink! Jake Carver, the grandson of Dan and Sally Porter, showed his pig, Diesel, in the pig show at the UGA Livestock Arena this past weekend.  It was his first time showing and he won Third place!!  Great work, Jake!!   Of course, grandparents and others went to see him.  He did great!  Ben Porter has traveled to Mentone, Indiana to visit his friend, Taylor Busenburg and his brother, Will is home from ABAC in Tifton after having a great first semester.

The Cathey family had their annual Christmas get-together on Sunday evening down at the Tommy Cathey home. The Moorhead family also had their annual Christmas get-together at the home of Ashley and Brad Hawk this past Sunday also.  Lots of cousins along with Bob Moorhead and Jan Moorhead enjoyed good food and visiting.  Raymond and Joan Gilbert had their family Christmas with children and grandchildren on this past Saturday.  Don and Carole Gilbert came up from Baxley for the weekend and also attended church on Sunday at Bethany.

Bobby and Emily Brewer had their children and grandchildren for their family Christmas on this past Sunday.  Antioch Baptist Church met up with  the Godfrey Methodist Church on this past Sunday for their annual Christmas breakfast.  They all enjoyed delicious food and then sang Christmas carols.  Antioch will have their Christmas Eve service on this Thursday night at 6pm.  Everyone is cordially invited.  Susan Moorhead and her girls, the Thomas Moorhead family, Sara Nash and her family, James Moorhead and Clyne, Frede Wellons and her family, along with the Shumake family all enjoyed being together.  Kathy Richardson also got to visit for a while.  Terry is doing well at home recuperating from his kidney transplant.  Later on Sunday night, the Shumakes along with Kathy Moorhead joined others from the Presbyterian Church to go caroling around Madison.

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