Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Sunday morning attendance was good, some members were back after being out because of sickness, hopefully more will be feeling better soon, where they can get back with us. Visitors were present, glad to have all of them come often and worship with us. We pray all that come will be encouraged and blessed each week. The choir’s special was, “Silent Night.” Pastor Cottrell’s message was, “A Gift Should be Opened.” John 3: 1-21, John 2: 13-19.

And John 19: 38-42. We looked at several gifts last week that came with Jesus’ birth, now we look at the presentation of the gifts for the first time as we share with others, some of those gifts Peace, Love, Joy and Light. At this time of year we will have a chance to share some. Nicodemus was a respected man at this time. He came seeking Jesus asking many questions about being saved; he knew Jesus was from God. Jesus’ response immediately went to the heart of the discussion in V. 3 saying in order to see the kingdom of God and to experience eternity with Him; a person must be born again.

They must start a new beginning, new goals, experience and desires. Nicodemus asked more questions, Jesus speaks of being born of the Spirit, Jesus uses the wind to make a point concerning the Spirit of God, you can’t see the wind, but you can see the effects of the wind, you can hear it and know it is there. Jesus is saying you cannot see the Spirit, but you can see where it has been. You can see the mark of the transformation that the life that the Spirit touches, Nicodemus still has hard time understanding, but he is still there seeking answers. Jesus makes references to the trinity and is seeking to make a point to Nicodemus that He is not just sent from God but is God incarnate. Jesus tells Nicodemus all this is possible through the sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus made it clear that, “Whoever believes in Him would be saved and have eternal life.” Jesus said, His purpose was not to condemn the world but that through Him the world might be saved. This whole conversation has been between Nicodemus and Jesus.

Though Nicodemus went by night the first time He was willing to be seen by the light this time. During the invitation Pastor Anthony, Alicia, Ashton and Avery Cottrell united with our church for membership. Tony and Connie Cottrell also came forward for membership. We thank God for all of them coming and pray we all will do all w4e can together to grow God’s kingdom. Sunday night at 6 p.m. the church was full for the Christmas special and Candlelight Service. Pastor Cottrell’s message was, “2015 Candle Light Service,” Matt. 2: 9-10, Matt. 5: 14-16, John 1: 1-9, John 3: 19-21, John 12: 27-36. The star lit the way for the Magi to find baby Jesus. It was the light of the star in the darkness that guided them to the Light of the World. As we take our light and share it with our neighbor it reflects the light of Christ, our light may be small but when passed on it magnified. The flame provides heat.

Jesus is our great provider, purifier and great light. Jesus came to bring an everlasting light to this world so we will no longer be in darkness. For those who have sought the light of Christ means Christ will light your path and guide you down it. The light of Christ does several things. 1. Let the light shine in the darkest parts of your life so that you might see where you can grow closer to Him. 2. Let the light guide you in your journey as you become humble and submissive to Christ. 3. Let the light shine from you into this world that others might see and seek the light you have. After the service most everyone went over to the Family Life Center for finger food and fellowship. Saturday afternoon Betty Bailey and Margie Ward were among those attending the memorial service for Charlie James at Brownwood Baptist Church.

Pastor Anthony Cottrell was the officiating minister. Wednesday night Ronald Atkinson, Peggy Harper, Christy Brown, Emma Vaughn, Margie Ward, Pastor Anthony Cottrell, Alicia Ashton and Avery Cottrell and Connie Cottrell went Christmas caroling. Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and ach spent several days in Pigeon Forge. It was so good to have John Grubbs with us at church Sunday. He’s in the military and is home for Christmas before moving on to his other assignment. We love you John. A Christmas Lesson “You see the present God gave to the world on that night,was the gift of His Son to make everything right.”

“Why did he do it? Why did he care?” “To teach us of love and low we should share.” “The meaning of Christmas, you see my dear son, Is not about presents or just having fun; But the gift of a Father – His own Precious Son, So the world would be saved when His work was all done.”Now the little boy smiled, with a tear in his eye, As snowflakes kept falling from out of the sky –Rang louder the bell as the people walked by. While down deep in his heart he now knew why. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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