Stay safe and celebrate Jesus

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At this time of the year most churches are having special programs for the season. There is excitement as each church has the program. Buckhead Baptist is having on Christmas Eve a candlelight service at 6 p.m. along with communion. Their AWANA is not to be held for a few weeks. Lake Oconee Baptist is having communion and a special service on Christmas Eve. These services at each church are meaningful. Going to a service helps one to be able to understand and feel so blessed for the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is the true meaning of Christmas. While children look forward to the fat, jolly, good fellow in red to bring toys or whatever else that they want they enjoy Christmas as much. Later they understand what the message is. John and Gail Wade are expecting their whole family. They love this very much. S. J. and Dorothy Saffold will have their children and grandchildren on Christmas Day. John and Gail Wade went to see their granddaughter Claire Coberly in a play. She was the Sugar Plum Fairy at Commerce. Alex and Allison Polsimillie and son Banks came to visit Thomas and Leigh Ann Bell and all the other relatives. They celebrated Christmas then because they won’t be able to come back because of work. When I was about four years old my brother B. T. and I got cap pistols for Christmas. We had many caps to shoot. We pretended to be cowboys. We chased each other around the house I don’t know how it got started but a sister was a teenager. She got outside in the chase around the house. She was screaming for Mama.

Finally mama would tell us to stop the chase. I’ll say one thing. We had already had a great time. But many times she came out again pretending to be afraid. That was a very great Christmas for B.T. and for me. We got other things but the pistols were our greatest gifts. It was a Merry Christmas. I hope that each of you will have a safe, wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Jesus Christ is the reason that we celebrate. It is because He came down from heaven as a baby. God’s son came to earth so that we might believe in Him and He died on Calvary’s rough cross that we might have eternal life. He wanted to save us that we could spend eternity with Him in heaven. If we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior we will be saved. When we die our souls will go to heaven. So please be safe and celebrate Jesus on Christmas Day!

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