Where Did 2015 Go?

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I trust that you all had a great Christmas spent with your loved ones and now, almost 2016, looking forward to the New Year and what it might bring. I ask myself, “where did 2015 go?” I’m also asking when are we having “winter”. I don’t have too much to say this week but felt like I needed to write a little. I didn’t get to attend church services today and I have been miserable and miserable I do not like. I heard we have several of our congregation out of town, some really sick and even death.I have not talked to Butch to see if there is anything important going on this week, have talked to several of the ladies and Ido so appreciate you calling. You see, I spent most of last week in the hospital and discovered I have a heart condition called A-Fib not something I like.

I have heard so much about it since I was diagnosed; going to try to find out more if I can possibly get an appointment with my heart doctor this week. I am feeling a little better but have strict instructions to “do nothing but rest” and if you know me that is hard for me to do. But I know my God is with me, He told me He would be. And I have His promise to go on. I know that Danny and Ginny Bell enjoyed this weekend as they spent it in Mobile with Caleb and Sarah. I want to send sympathy to the family of Virgil Bumgarner.I think he died on the 23rd and is a long time member of Sugar Creek Baptist Church. He has suffered so much the last few years I’m sure he was happy to shake the hand of our Lord. I want to send love, prayers and sympathy to Connie and the family and call on us if you need us anytime.

Virgil will be missed by Bobby and Johnny and his sister Jo. So sympathy for these siblings also. His service was Monday at 2 p.m. I want to thank my daughter Gayle and Jimmy as well as Butch for being there for me during my “most scared time”. Also to Betty, Dawn and Meredith for sending the soup and chili on Christmas day. I did appreciate it so much. An 85 year oldman knows very little about cooking, but don’t tell him I said so. He’s been so helpful, I sure don’t want to hurt his feelings.åI’m looking forward to 2016 and maybe learning a little about what our future holds. At this time it does not look too good. There’s a lot of work and praying to be done before next election. There will be a LIFT meeting on January 7 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the new year. Ladies, try to attend. I want to say a whole hearted thank you to Sandy Waddell and Chuck Shoemake and to Alice and Jack Waddell for the fruit bowl and candies, made my heart feel so good, and the special gift from Jack. I hear Steve Smith is getting out a little and pray he will soon be good as new and that Lilly and Noah are doing well. Patsy Greene is not well today. Betty is feeling better.

A few more are having aches and pains and Bennie is sitting home anxiously awaiting his surgery in January. I will be so happy to see all these feeling good again. We are sure happy to hear activity next door with our new neighbors. They are working diligently to get their little weekend home fixed up. Oh, I’ve got to give a big thank you to my granddaughter Susanne for coming down on Saturday and helping with my housework, taking a little pressure off her Papa. I thank you so much, plus I enjoyed your visit. Through all that’s been going on we did receive some great news that happened during Christmas. Paul Pittard, one of our dearest cousins, and Jill’s age, and Renae Mitchem got themselves engaged and we are rejoicing. Congratulations to this very special couple. Lets say happy birthday to Ruby Stewart and to Ricky Stovall on the first day of 2016; Danny Bell the 2nd, Brenda Morrow on the 3rd and a big wish with appreciation and love to my son in law, Jimmy. He will celebrate on the 2nd of January.

Again I say thank you for your prayers, calls or even if you just thought of me, means so much to me. And with that said, I wish each of you a most joyous and safe New Year with all the blessings just stay safe if you are on the road. AND I THOUGHT I DIDN’T HAVE MUCH TO SAY. I LOVE YOU ALL, MY FAITHFUL READERS WITH ALL MY HEART, AND MAY GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU. NOW I NEED TO GO REST. Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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