Learning to submit to God’s will

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Attendance on Sunday morning was good even though several were out due to sickness, others out due to cold weather after all the rain we have had recently. The cold came in with a blast and we know it’s time for winter weather to set in. Anyway we were thankful for all that came on this first Sunday of the new year. Hope everyone has a blessed 2016. Special in song “Face to Face,” by Ronald Atkinson. Pastor Cottrell’s message, “Lord of 2016”, I Kings 17, 1 Kings 16:25, 30-33, I Kings 18: 1-39, 2 Cor. 6: 1-10. Today we’re back in I Kings looking at Elijah. The pattern for idol worship was progressing throughout the land at this time it was a complete act of disobedience toward God. Elijah comes on the scene and proclaims a drought. He was ready to fight for His God. Elijah made the proclamation then the word of the Lord came to him, Elijah made himself available to God to be used as a mouthpiece only at this time. Because he made himself available God would take care of him. He was to stay where God told him. Elijah heeded God’s directions even when it didn’t seem anything was being done.

We probably would have become impatient but Elijah obeyed God by staying until told to move. This was important because God wanted the situation to become bleak for the people living out from under His will. Elijah had great faith in the Lord; he was obedient to God, he was teaching a widow to be obedient and to trust God as well. When tragedy struck the woman turned to Elijah and brought accusations against him. The only way Elijah responded he took the son and went pleading to God for help. We cannot fix problems ourselves, we must turn to God and allow Him to be Lord over the problem and us at that time. Elijah showed how dependent he was on God. He did not stand in fear; he stood in boldness and confronted the evil. We are surrounded by the Lord’s power when we are willing to live or die for Christ. Elijah asked, “How long will you falter between two opinions?”

Here are some things to take away from Elijah’s ministry. (1) Make yourself available to God. (2) Follow God’s directions. (3) Teach others to be obedient and trusting of God by being obedient and trusting of God. (4) Plead to God for His interactions in your life. (5) Stand in the knowledge of the power by which you are called Christians! We need to submit to God and allow Him to truly be Lord in our lives. You have a choice today, tomorrow and days to come that you will allow to be Lord in your life. Consider this today – 2016. Sunday night at 6 p.m. Patrick Alligood had the study on the minor prophet Obadiah, following this study Pastor Anthony Cottrell continued with some thoughts and discussion from congregation on other material, then from Obadiah, his message was, “Living in Pride.” (1) God’s Judgment on Edom (1-14) (2) Edom’s Punishment (1-9) (3) Edom’s Crimes (10-14) (4) God’s Judgment on the Nations (15, 16) (5) God’s Restoration of Israel (17-21). The problem in the entire book of Obadiah is pride and indifference. Pride leads to a broken relationship with God. Edomites isolated themselves from their brothers; lived independently, created a huge problem of pride and indifference to words them pride not only breaks our relationship with God but also each other. The solution is to live a life being broken and vulnerable. God will use the broken vulnerable children to spread His love and message. The greatest example of living a broken and vulnerable life is the life Christ lived. Thursday night, New Year’s Eve we had a Watch Night service with breakfast in the Family Life Center. Monday, Dec. 28, Margie Ward, Stacy Lanier and Ronald Atkinson were among those attending the funeral of Virgil Bumgarner at A. E. Carter Funeral Home.

New Year’s Day we had our annual get together here at my house. We thank God for stopping the rain a couple of days before. We had all the traditional food, peas, collards, grilled and KFC chicken, Mac-cheese, casseroles, dumplings, salads, rutabagas, potatoes, corn and much more, a lot of desserts. Those attending were Alice Cheatham, Jonathan Sr., Tanya, Jonathan Jr. and Andrew Wood, Doris Nelms, Glenn and Erin Wood, all of Watkinsville, Jennifer Wood of Gainesville, Alicea Jones, Sean, Maddi and Frank, Roxie Failyer and Weston of Bogart, Rich, Stephanie, Madelyn and Drake Dailey of Newport, N.C., Mark and Joy Nelms and Ace, Blaze and Cash of Farmington, Ronnie, Vesta Ann and Laurene Hopkins of Griffin, Julie and Billy Phillips, Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Wood and Margie Ward.

As usual after lunch we exchanged Christmas gifts and drew names for next New Year’s Day. James Harold and Ellen Smith and Brenda McAdams attended the Memorial Service for Doyle Wood on Saturday afternoon at Edwards Chapel Baptist Church in Athens. As I wrote last week a Memorial Service for my brother-in-law Doyle Wood would be held Saturday afternoon January 2 at Edwards Chapel Baptist Church in Athens. The service was held, the church was full of family and friends. Doyle was well known by many for the person he was. He was never too busy to help anyone that needed something done. His brother-in-law Donald Cheatham officiated over the service. The service was opened up for anyone to speak that wanted to. After the service finger foods were available in the fellowship hall for anyone that wanted to visit with Doyle’s wife and children and families. Our sympathy continues to go out to this family during this time. We know they will trust God for all their needs during the days ahead.

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