Time of Epiphany

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The year 2016 has rolled in!  So Happy New Year to all of you!  I’m glad we all made it after those torrential rains!!  My goodness!!  It was something else!  Our bridge up here to our house held out, thank the Good Lord!  But Barrows Grove and part of Bethany Road was closed due to flooding.  A lot of others throughout the county were, too.   Unbelievable!! We are supposed to have several days of sunshine now and we need it!  As our preacher, Rev. Charles Smith, preached yesterday, this is the time of Epiphany….after Christmas and the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The time when the wise men were seeking and found Jesus, not in the stable, but in a house.  He preached on The Epiphany, which is the time when something becomes crystal clear.   I don’t know if I remember it all correctly, but, I think the first Epiphany was that Jesus came for all men, not just Jews, but also for the Gentiles; the second Epiphany was that this baby, Jesus, who was born, was the long awaited Messiah, that they had been longing for, and the third Epiphany was that Jesus came so that he would die for all mankind and save them from their sins.

It is very strange that although they had waited and waited for the Messiah–when He did come and all the signs pointed to the fact that this baby was Him, they still found it hard to accept the fact that He had really been born.  I  guess this is just human nature; to always question and analyze, analyze something to death, instead of just trusting that it is really happened.  We could all save ourselves a lot of grief if we wouldn’t do this!  The older I have gotten, I have come to understand what an Epiphany is.  I have had a couple of big ones and probably some smaller ones.  When I had them, I thought to myself, “What an idiot I have been….why didn’t I see this?” and the second thought was , “Why did it take me so long to see this?”   I am not wanting to broadcast my Epiphanies in this column, but I can tell you that when they happened it was very freeing, as if a load had been lifted, and I became a much stronger person because of them.  Epiphanies are wonderful!

Now, my meager ones are nothing compared to the Epiphany of Christmas, but it does help you understand it better. John Biddy is now up here at Morgan Memorial’s Transitional Unit where he will receive therapy to strengthen him.  Keep him in your prayers.  Little Braylin Cathey got to come home on last Tues, Dec. 29th, so Praise the Lord for that!  Dan and Sally Porter enjoyed some time away from their farm work by going down to St. Augustine, Florida to visit their cousin, Jane McGinnis and her daughter and family, Jody and Robert Johnson and their family.  Jody and Robert had just returned from Virginia where they traveled down the East Coast bringing in a new boat for his fishing operation, The Jody Lynn Charters. Blanche and Jake Wilson and all of us have enjoyed having Tim Wilson home for a visit from Brussels, Belgium.  Marty, Mama and Daddy have gone to the airport now for him to fly back home.  Tim, Cathy, and Kacey also enjoyed spending Christmas in Louisiana with Cathy’s people.  While here they traveled to Houston, Texas to look at houses, since Cathy will be transferring back to the States in May.  They’re glad and we’re glad!  Marlee Malcom has returned to the Univ. of West Alabama.  She received some good news over the Christmas holidays…she has been accepted into the nursing program there!

Congratulations, Marlee! Jake Harris has also returned to his home in Texas after a visit with his grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey. The Paul Shumake family, children and grandchildren, traveled over to Carrollton on Saturday to celebrate Christmas with Paul’s mother, his sister and her children and grandchildren.  Connie and Paul’s grandchildren enjoyed being at their house over the Christmas holidays where they played, went to see a movie or two, jumped on their new trampoline and other fun things. Donna and Todd Trice were very happy to have their daughter and her husband, Morgan and Bryan Huff, home for some leave time during Christmas.  Laurice Trice and Larry and Maxine Bruce were also overjoyed for the visit.  Jessie Bruce from Atlanta was also able to come on this Monday to see them.  Morgan and Bryan will go back early Saturday morning to their respective bases.  Joanie and Ben Bruce went up to Kristy and Kenneth Davis’ house on New Year’s to celebrate the New Year with them and little Trevor.  On Sunday they went to Lone Oak Baptist Church down at Lake Oconee in Eatonton where their son, David, had been asked to preach.  On Sunday afternoon, the Kenneth Davis’ came for another visit. Joanie Bruce was able to go up to Tennessee for a few days visit with her parents, Beth and James Franklin.  She was also able to have a visit with her aunt and uncle while there.

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