A Walk in the Woods

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Well, the cold winter weather is back and it really hurts; at least to me it does!   I knew we would pay for that gorgeous weather we had at Christmas, but I know we need the seasons to make everything work.  Bruce and I hardly ever, ever rent a movie, but I heard that the movie, “A Walk in the Woods,” based on the book by Bill Bryson was a good one that we might enjoy, but my daughter warned me that the language was a little rough, and it was, but other than that it was good and entertaining.  It is based on the book by the same name by Bill Bryson and his experiences walking the Appalachian trail. He is reaching retirement age and is having something of a mid-life crisis, I suppose.  He has also just moved back to America from Britain.  After watching the movie, it came to me, lying in the bed that night, that I thought I just might have that book here on some of our shelves.  Sure enough, the next morning, I greeted Bruce, as he came in the door, fresh from the Buckhead coffee club, with the book in my hand, saying, “Guess what I found?!”

( I told him of my “epiphany ” in the night.)  I said, “I think I remember buying this book on one of our trips to the mountains, thinking one of the boys might enjoy reading this.”  I don’t know if they did or not, but I am well into it now, and it is really a good book…entertaining and quite enlightening on a lot of subjects; I am learning a lot and I haven’t got bored yet.  Don’t worry, I am not getting ready to strike out on hiking the AT; after you read this book, a lot less people, a 1000 times fitter than me, didn’t make it, but it is a good movie and a book.  Never in a million years would I have thought I would enjoy such a book, but I highly recommend it.  One of the things it enlightens you on is the Park Service and other agencies associated with the AT and national parks.  Once again, the government has done a sorry, sorry job of keeping them up, which, honestly was quite a shock to me.

I’m telling you once the government steps in, things go drastically down hill; in all areas!!!  I am so carried away with it, I have ordered “Rethinking Life on the AT” by Gary Bond, who graduated from MCHS, and also another one entitled, “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk,”  by Emma Gatewood.  Emma is a relative of Mrs. Oma Cooper who lives just down the road from us in Fieldcrest Court.  From all of this, you would think I was getting ready to strike out, but I just like to read about it, I guess!!  We send out our sympathy to the family of Ryan Taylor who passed away unexpectedly on this last Sunday morning at his home.  The Taylor’s bought the Donald Hilsman house right up on the bypass and he was a co-owner of Morgan Outdoors, the new garden supply store that just opened last year.  He was also a fire-fighter and had helped in training new fireman in Morgan County. as well as in construction.  He was only 40 years old and leaves a wife and young children.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them.  Laurie Davis’ house in Buckhead Manor was the scene for the joyous occasion for a baby shower honoring her niece, Chelsea Davis, on Sunday afternoon.

Chelsea is the daughter of Brad and Shannon Davis.  Chelsea and Johnathan Rose are expecting a little boy around early February.  Sandra Brown, Harriette Wade, and Sally Stephens were among those to wish her and the baby well.  Chelsea received many nice and useful items for the coming little one. Connie and Colleen Shumake went to Hampton, Ga, this past Saturday to help their cousin Frede Wellon’s daughter, Suzy, celebrate her birthday.  On Sunday was their granddaughter’s Newton County Saddle Club banquet.  The girls came home with lots of champion and reserve champion ribbons and prizes, as well as some door prizes.  They all had a very fun afternoon! Will Porter has returned to his studies down at ABAC in Tifton.  In addition to his school work he has also taken a part-time job with the USDA down there which he is enjoying.  Will made A’s and B’s last semester!  Ben Porter is in his last semester of high school down at Gatewood Academy in Eatonton and he has already been accepted to Purdue University as well as having received three scholarship offers to three other colleges.  He and his grandfather Adams are planning on traveling to Oklahoma on Jan. 23rd where they will visit the three schools that have made scholarship offers to Ben.

Exciting times are ahead for the Porter boys!  Good job, boys!  Jeri and Charles Smith spent this last weekend with JoAnn Cathey.  Charles has a birthday this coming week and I believe JoAnn does also, so they did some early celebrating!  Happy Birthday, Charles and JoAnn! Don and Carole Gilbert of Baxley along with their boys enjoyed spending Saturday with Raymond and Joan Gilbert.  All of the boys, Clay, Blake, and Brad are all getting back with their school work in Athens along with their jobs.  Everyone is busy!  Raegan Wilkins is also getting back in the groove with her gymnastics meets which started back this past weekend with a meet at the Gwinnett Arena in Lawrenceville.  She is in Level 9 this year and with there only being Level 10 to go everything is harder and the judging is becoming a lot more technical.  She hit all her routines and did not have any falls.  She placed third on bars, fourth on beam, sixth on floor exercise, and seventh on vault.  Great job, Raegan!  Judy and Marshall Davis joined their friends, Jim and Pam Moates from Siloam, Ga to go down to Milledgeville on Saturday to the historic Allen’s Market to hear a wonderful bluegrass band, called Monroe Crossing, which is named for Bill Monroe, of course!  They had a very enjoyable day listening to some good music!

The Fairview Club is planning on meeting next Wednesday, Jan. 20th at 2p.m. at the home of Joan Gilbert.  The program is going to be the new home economist at the Extension office here in Madison.  I believe she shares her time with Oconee County.  We are looking forward to meeting her.  Also remember the upcoming farm market conference which will be held at the soon to be open Farmview Market over on Hwy 441.  Call the Farm Bureau office at 706-342-0414 for more information.  There is a $20.00 registration fee and you must pre-register.

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