Fond memories of making sausage as a young girl

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We had summer weather for a while. Then the cold came on Sunday night. We had 24 degrees on Monday. We were warm enough in our house. I am thankful for that. There probably are people that were homeless and half freezing to death. That is so sad. Charles and Carolyn Massey had Barbara Tyson, George and Laura Lohr and Chuck and Miriam Foster to eat on Saturday. Ron Denning and MacKenzie Mullins have birthdays on January 16. Happy birthday to you both on January 16! Olivia Denning is in the hospital with pneumonia. I hope that she will be well soon! Linda Payne from Eatonton visited Edna Smith Monday. She recently lost her mother Beatrice Smith. Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having WMU and brotherhood on Tuesday. They will have a business meeting January 17. Lake Oconee Chapel will have a movie January 31.

It will be “War Room.” Come out to see it. February 6 Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have the Senior Adult Banquet for the Morgan County Baptist Association. The cold weather reminds me of the times when I was small and we had a farm. When the weather was very cold daddy and my brothers decided that it was time for hog killing. I would not go around because I didn’t want to see or hear any of the sounds. Later on when they were cutting up the meat I went around. There was meat to grind up to make sausage. I had to do that. When it was all ground mama let me season the sausage. That pleased me very much because I was only maybe nine years old. After using the sage and any other things that mama wanted to use I would go to the kitchen to get a fry pan to cook one or two bits of meat. Sometimes I would go back to put in more spice. When it was like we liked the taste it was put up to keep it for future meals that we would enjoy many times.

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