MCMS Lady Bulldogs triumph over Loganville devils, boys take tough loss

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By Katie Morrison contributing writer

The Morgan County Middle School Bulldogs took on the Loganville Devils at home last week. At halftime the girls had the upper hand, leading the Devils 10-8. They finished the game strong, defeating Loganville 31-17 greatly due to layups and free throws shot by both Taylor Wilson and Tamia Benford. The Lady Bulldogs have a total of seven wins with only one loss overall. The boys had a different outcome against the Loganville Devils. The first quarter ended with an 8-8 tie. Morgan took the lead to end the half 16-10 due to an additional eight points by Tyreese Nelson with two points, Derrick Reid with two points, and Jhesai Wade with four points in the second quarter. Loganville made a comeback in the third with the Bulldogs trailing 19-21. Despite the gain of seven points by Jerritt Wyatt in the fourth quarter the game ended in a Loganville victory with a final score of 23-36. The loss was greatly attributed to carelessness with the ball, which led to over 15 turnovers throughout the game. Coach Franklin said, “We started out great, but our intensity seemed to dwindle away as the game went on. I believe this game was a very good learning lesson for the players that will aid us during the crunch time of the playoffs.”

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