Starting off a new year

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Happy New Year to each of my readers. To tell the truth, I don’t know if I have written this year or not. This one started off rough with me and some health problems, and I’ve had so many prayers going up for me, and I do have confidence. Winter has arrived! Some really cold days, therefore I have not been able to be out, even to attend church. I think I missed three Sunday’s and so happy to be back these last two weeks. We’ve had a lot of sickness within our church family and it was great to see most of them back this week. This “crud stuff” hasreally taken everybody by surprise and my doctor says it has no name as of yet. Butch took his message from Exodus 3:1-10, PERFECT RESULTS FROM IMPERFECT PEOPLE, was the title of his message, telling us, it’s time for God’s children to know what is fact and what is fiction?

If you don’t stand your ground you are not a Soldier of Christ. We need to stand up for Him, in this time especially. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is called for something. So you stand up for something worthwhile. We had visitors, and also good to have Janice and Ronnie Hightower visiting with us, old friends with Butch. We are always glad for visitors. Last week Caleb and Sarah Bell visited again with a church in Greensboro, after several interviews we are all so happy they were called to serve. Caleb will be the Youth Minister. We are all so proud of this little boy that grew up with us, and into a fine young man. God, will you keep blessing this precious couple? They will be close enough that we can visit with them. I talked with Martha Dooley to check on Bennie and he is feeling so much better and has canceled his surgery for the time being. You know, God has that power to heal. Steve Smith is doing well as is Sandy Martin after their surgeries. Many of you know the singing group “The New Apostles”. Paul Jackson of this trio had his house to burn last week, in the process of running in and out, short of oxygen, he had a mild heart attack. To me any heart attack is serious. He is home now and seems to be doing well. I understand there is a fund set up but I have no details on this matter. Good luck and God bless.

These are very dedicated men in this group and God, you are with them. I want to say thank you to all that called or visited during my time in the hospital and home recovering. I have an appointment today (Monday) with my cardiologist and I pray he has good news. I do desire your prayers. On fifth Sunday night of this month Divine Three will be at Sewell Methodist Church. Everyone knows that I loved the Sunny South Quartet when they were around. I know that two of that former group are with “Divine Three”. I am very anxious to go hear them. Starts at 6 p.m. Also up at Maysville Methodist Mike Pardue and Myranda Pullian will be in concert. I do not know these entertainers but I’m sure they are good. Clarke does a good job getting the best.

This coming Sunday night, The SonRise Trio will be at Cornerstone in Madison. Next Sunday the 24th we will have a fundraiser luncheon for our youth after church. Soup, salad, bread, drink and dessert all for $5.00. Stop by and eat with us. Ladies, remember our purse collection filled with goodies for the homeless women. Our goal is 50 bags. Also the youth are collecting teddy bears for the Children’s Hospital. if you have any to donate we need them before March 19th when we will visit the hospital. I’m looking for joy this week. My dear friend Glyn from Spartanburg will be coming in today and she’s just happy to hang around the house. That’s love folks. She knows I’m not able to get out and go “gallivanting” as we always do. Let me ask you to remember some of our people when you pray. Always remember Lou and Jessie Comans, the Walker family, Ruby and Eddie Stewart, Alice Waddell and Betty McDaniel, Bennie and Martha Dooley, O. L. Jordan, and Larry Jordan, who is in the hospital at this time in Athens.

The Martin family, Patsy Greene, Mary Beacham, the Busbees, so many, I know I have left some off. Special prayers for Jackie Simmons, the mother of Ramsey Simmons who will have a leg amputated this week. Always pray for our pastor and leaders, and Lord, don’t forget me. Belated wishes for Jack Waddell and Nathan Waddell on Sunday. Blessings for our Darlin’ Lilly today, (Monday). Hilliary Simmons on the 21st, Our precious Jessie Comans the 24th, Alex Smith the 28 and Eleanor Johnson on the 29th. Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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