When God Does Not Move the Mountain, He Gives You Strength to Climb

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Greetings from The Springs and let the redeemed of the Lord say so! The Home Going Celebration Service for Mother Carlene Elliott was held at USBC on Saturday, January 16, 2016. She served faithfully as a member of the Usher Board and it was not often that you did not see her at her post. She had a servant’s heart and her beautiful smile made all feel welcomed as they entered the sanctuary. We will treasure this gentle, sweet soul in our hearts. I have to tell you that Wednesday Night Bible study was awesome! It was like morning worship, praise service and study group all rolled into one! Who knew studying the Bible could be so exciting! You should consider meeting with us on Wednesday nights. It will change your life! After a brief recap of chapter 7 of Revelation, we had an interactive discussion period.

During the open discussion, the focus was on Lucifer and his desire to have the knowledge that God did. The reason why Satan wanted this knowledge is what put him in rebellion. Pastor Terrell stated that this same sin that is making the world stumble today. Someone asked why Lucifer did not just repent. Angels cannot repent and they can never be forgiven. His sin of pride was the first sin. Another tidbit of knowledge Pastor Terrell left us with was this. Before Satan can try you, you have to be tried by God. To explain this, he went on to say that before you can be on the front line in battle, you have to go through basic training. The key to understanding this is that Kingdom principles are different from those of the world. Next week, the class will open up with questions before moving on in our study of Revelation. The Nursing Home Ministry met at Madison Health and Rehab on Saturday, January 16. Evangelist Stokes, Jamie Allen and Amber Goss conducted the service Sister Allen’s opening scripture was psalm 139:1-14 followed by songs by Evangelist Stokes and resident, Hazel Lunceford. Amber Goss read Psalm 92:1-13 ad Jamie Allen read Psalm 91.

The message, given by Evangelist Stokes was based on 2 Chronicles 7:14-16 and was titled, “Trusting God.” Amber Goss gave the closing prayer. The USBC Nursing Home Ministry meets each third Saturday at 10:30. Thanks to the dedicated supporters of this auxiliary group who are willing to go out and share God’s Word with the community. If you read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, then you have the basis of Pastor Robert Terrell’s new series that started on Sunday, January 17. These sermons will discuss how God’s grace is sufficient. This passage reveals how Paul prayed three times when seeking direction from the Lord. Similarly, Jesus prayed three times at Gethsemane and Joshua sought the Lord three times. It is always significant that the divine order of God speaks to you. You have to make sure that you hear the Lord correctly. In a divine assignment, you have to know, that you know, that you know you are hearing right. However, when you are on assignment, be careful because the devil wants to trick you.Pastor Terrell posed the question, “What happens when you speak the Word of God and the mountain does not move?”

We as Christians know that the Bible tells us by faith we should speak to that thing that is standing in our way or hindering us. We are instructed to speak God’s Word. Yet, when nothing happens, if you are a Christian, His grace will be sufficient. In other words, God will see you through that situation even though that mountain is standing in your way. He will enable you to accomplish that thing that He wants you to do. In verse seven, a messenger of Satan came to Paul. This was a fallen angel of darkness assigned to this apostle. Satan sent this demon because of Paul’s mission for God. All that this devil was to do is hinder his work. Nevertheless, God said, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Now, Pastor Terrell stated that when we think of grace we think of undeserved benefit from God. Yet, the other side of grace is this.

It is when you are being opposed by the devil and your strength seems like it is failing you, yet God’s grace comes and under girds you. It comes to give you the strength of God and not of your own. The Lord comes in and upholds you during that time. Your assignment is completed with God working through you. There will be times when you are going to have to stand up to the enemy and the only thing that will keep you standing is His grace! Never have a pity party. If God graces you to go through it, then he will mature you and help you. Whenever He sends you through an area that seems unfair, you can believe that He is preparing you for something great! When you get to the other side of that thing, you will come out with your hands held high thanking Him! Next, Pastor Terrell said what he told us in our last Bible Study class. The devil cannot try you until God has taken you through. It is like basic training. God is not going to let you go on the front lines and fight until he prepares you. He conditions you first. The thing that you already had victory was to get you ready for what you are going through now. His grace is sufficient for you. His grace never runs out! The same grace that delivered you, the same grace that saved you, the same grace that healed you, will keep you through your present situation. Job was an example for us.

When Satan was searching for someone to devour, God said that he had a person. He was front-line ready. God said, “Have you considered My servant, Job.” There is nothing that the devil can do to you that the Lord does not allow. If God permits it, then you are equipped to handle it. God never fails! All that we have to do is stand. When the Lord does not move the mountain, He will give you the strength to climb! Glory Be To God!

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