Laundry Troubles

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What a cold weekend we had and we even got a little dusting of snow.  I know it wasn’t enough for the children, but it was quite enough for me.  That wind would cut through you like a knife, but on this Monday afternoon, it is quite pleasant and is warming up.  I think I heard that there would be a warming trend this week, so thank goodness for that!    One of my pet peeves these days has to do with laundry detergent…I have made this mistake before, and, lo and behold, I made it again.  I use Tide Liquid detergent….it just works better for me in getting dirty farm clothes clean.  I do not have one of those new high efficiency washing machines that you use the new detergent in and I don’t think I want one either if mine does play out.  I really have to watch and be sure I don’t pick up the container of Tide that has HE in a little circle on the front.  I guess I was just in too big a hurry when I got this one.  When I was doing laundry, I noticed that there were no suds forming; I like to have a moderate amount; that way I know I have added enough Tide to the load. With this HE kind, I never know if I have added enough or not.   I added a little more and still no suds, so then I looked at the bottle and sure enough there was HE on it.  It is not in big letters, though, and it is very easy to miss, in my opinion.  It made me mad; grocery shopping has gotten so complicated!

There is no quick way of doing it, it seems!    We want to send out congratulations to Julie and John Thompson of Covington on the birth of another little boy to their family on last Monday.  He joins his 2 big brothers and a big sister.  Carolyn and Roger Bruce are the proud grandparents and Mr. Bob Moorhead is a proud great-grandfather to the little boy.  Several men from this area and from the Sandy Creek Baptist Church left on this past Sunday on a mission trip to Haiti. Charles McClain from the Bethany community and George Launius are among those; please keep all these men in your prayers during this time. Sarah Nell Craig spent last week in Acworth with her granddaughters, Peyton, Elise, and Meri, while their parents on their 15th wedding anniversary trip to Cancun, Mexico.      John Bruce and Esther Curry went to McDonough on Sunday where they visited their brother Wayne and Gail Bruce and enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch at their home. Karalynn Clifton and Maggie Harper participated in swim meets this past weekend both up here at the Aquatic Center and at Georgia Tech.  They both did great and had good placings!   All of our children along with Blanche and Jake Wilson enjoyed a comfort food Sunday lunch here on this past Sunday.   The Fairview Club met this past Wednesday at the lovely home of Joan Gilbert on the Pierce Dairy Road.  It was a somewhat short crowd, due to a lot going on with everyone.  Leigh Ann Aaron our Morgan County Home Economist who we are sharing with neighboring Oconee County had the program.  We are delighted to have a home economist again!  She gave a very good program on food labeling and what to look for nutrition wise on those labels.  (Between looking at what kind of detergent I want to get and all the info on food labels, grocery shopping is a chore!!).  After the program, Joan served delicious refreshments.

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