Sickness this time of year

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Did each of you survive the “great snow storm of 2016?” I know there are areas that did get heavy snow but it almost skipped over us completely and completely. I would love to have a little snow but I don’t want the ice that usually comes with it. I don’t have much to write about as I’m still not well and was not able to attend church on Sunday and how I miss that. But I have heard a little that was going on around about. I heard we still have several out that are still sick mine, along with my other problems have gone on so long I’ve lost count. I was so sorry to hear that Mike Walker had fallen and had broken his leg/knee, but that he’s already had the surgery and seems to be doing well and that it didn’t endanger the replacements he had previously had. Ramsey Simmons’ mother went through her surgery with her leg amputation last week and is doing Okay at this writing and I’m hearing of so much other sickness going around. I did hear that Bennie and Martha Dooley were able to be back in church on Sunday, that is great news.

Bonnie Gardner has almost been isolated on her little farm with the bad weather, roads, etc, she’s not been able to get out; but, hey, I think it could have been so much worse. Just look at all the places that have snow and black ice. Praise God that did not get to us. We enjoyed a nice visit from Ginny Bell today. I am always so happy when some of our church family visits. That family is really thrilled that Caleb and Sarah will soon be “home” and working his new job. So happy that a church in Greensboro has called Caleb and I know he will be good for them. Don’t forget this Sunday night over at Sewell Methodist Divine Three will be in concert at 6 p.m. I did go back to my doctor last week. I am still in A Fib and I still don’t know too much about this but so thankful that it’s being controlled now. Again, thank you for all your prayers.

As I had mentioned last week I was expecting Glyn to come down. She did and as always we had a good time just being together. With my sickness and the weather being so bad we didn’t get out and do anything, just enjoyed each other. She had to go back home on Sunday and I miss her today. Ladies, remember our purse collection filled with goodies for thehomeless women our goal is 50 bags. Also the youth are collecting teddy bears for the Children’ Hospital. If you have any to donate we need them before March 19th when we will visit the hospital. I was hoping to give you some information about a singing we are planning in February but I have not heard back from my contact. But I still have time to announce it later. Kind of bittersweet around our church yard as we watch our beloved church building gets hauled to a new home. We are happy that it will be relocated just down the road to The Hundred Acre Farm, where it will be used as a wedding chapel, for church retreats, etc. so much is planned. I think it will enjoy its new home. Happy birthday blessings February 3rd to Lou Comans and Heather Evans, Mary Beacham and Jerry Cottrell the 4th. Maddison Busbee and Christy Jenkins Barbaree on the 5th. Jared Jackson the 8th. Happy anniversary to Tina and Neal Higdon and Rita and Blayne Harrington on the 1st, Kim and Rusty Johnson on the 5th. Special anniversary wishes for our daughter Gayle and Jimmy Holmes on the 3rd. Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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