Elections board getting ready for Primary

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Katie Morrison staff writer

With the March 1 Presidential Preference Primary just around the corner, securing confidential documents and other issues pertaining to voters were important topics of discussion at The Board of Elections and Registration meeting on January 21. After electing a new chairperson for 2016, David Moore, and swearing in Avery Jackson and John Anton as board members, emphasis was placed on voters. Board members discussed the issue of securing confidential documents within the office through the use of lockable filing cabinets. Confidential documents within these cabinets include voter registration cards containing personal information. “The filing cabinets should be locked at all times; locking the office door is just not sufficient. If someone forgot to close the door, that information is unprotected,” said David Moore. Next, the process for in office voting, or early voting, was discussed. The voting begins on February 8th at the Board of Elections and Registration. There will be two check in stations where driver’s licenses will be scanned. Voters will then be given a form and directed to proceed to the voter application, vote, and get credit for voting. The board is hopeful that having two check in stations will allow for a smooth and more efficient process, especially if there is high traffic. Board members also announced that L & A Testing, the logistic and accuracy testing of voting machines, is finished and the equipment is ready. They also reported that absentee ballots were received and mailed out on time, including the UOCAVA, or Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

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