Library repairs nearly complete

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Katie Morrison staff writer

The Morgan County Library is almost as good as new, according to Library Director Ben Carter. The library is still recovering from a devastating flood caused by a faulty fire sprinkler, which racked up over $300,000 in damages and destroyed over 9,000 books back in early August. Morgan County Library water damage repairs along with the library’s financial report were addressed on Thursday afternoon at the Uncle Remus Regional Library board meeting. According to Carter, “We have made all of the structural repairs to the building, and all carpet has been laid down.” The biggest challenge that lies ahead for the library is replacing $230,000 in books. The large print section has been completely redone, and an order for adult fiction and biographies was recently placed. “We will have it done before the end of the year, it is just going to take a lot of work,” said Carter. Concerning the library’s financial report, this year total revenues of $431,902 greatly surpassed the annual budget of $275,697. This surplus was largely due to grant projects, programs, and donations. Overall, the beginning fund balance was $92,653, with a net surplus of $221,466, and an ending fund balance of $314,120. Plans for the reception for Librarian of the Year, Steve W. Schaefer, were also announced at the meeting. Mr. Schaefer was the director of the Uncle Remus Regional Library System in Madison. This is the first time that the Librarian of the Year Award his being presented by the Inaugural Georgia Public Library Awards.

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