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On Sunday morning our church was full to near overflowing with members and visitors for the Ordination of Anthony Cottrell. As always we pray each one in attendance was blessed by coming and will come be with us any time we have services. Special music Sunday was by Alicia Cottrell, “I am not alone.”

Pastor Cottrell read scriptures and led as The Lord’s Supper was observed, this is intended to be a commemoration of Christ’s atoning death and victorious resurrection. The bread and the wine are symbols of Christ’s body and blood broken and shed for our sins, I Cor. 11: 24-25. Following the Lord’s Supper Rev. Doug Hill gave charge to Anthony. He said Anthony had answered a calling, not a want ad. Be focused on God and His word, stay away from compromising, be humble, love people wholehearted, trust God and His faithfulness etc. Then Bro. Hill gave charge to the church and deacons. We should have loving-kindness and compassion, always do what God says, love Anthony and his family, always pray for him as he goes forward. In the Bible trust faithfulness not fairness. God is faithful when the world’s unfair. Each deacon surrounded Anthony, each one prayed, and then anyone in the audience that was led could also go up front and pray for Anthony.

Pastor Anthony’s family joined him up front. Patrick Alligood presented Anthony a Bible and his wife a gift from the church.

Matt Watkins closed out the service with the song, “My Savior, My God.” Afterwards a meal was held honoring Anthony in the Family Life Center. A large attendance enjoyed the meal and fellowship together. Sunday night at 6 p.m. we had our Fifth Sunday Night Singing. A good attendance was present. Next Saturday, Feb. 6, the Morgan County Baptist Associational Brotherhood meeting will be held at Rutledge Baptist Church at 7 p.m. The executive committee will be held at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 13 the Women’s Ministry meeting will be held at the Brownwood Community Building at 10 a.m. Please bring brunch or munch food.

The meal ministry at Brownwood seems to be doing good they are continuing to prepare 20 plus meals for five days for people on the list. These meals are home-cooked and delivered to the individuals on Monday. A lot of you have asked about this ministry food, supplies, containers, etc. and many have made donations of some kind in the past and your help has been greatly appreciated. The containers shipping and handling really gets expensive. We ask you to pray for this ministry and for the ones that work and prepare this food and pray also for the ones that receive it each week. We thank God for this ministry and for all the many blessings we have received through Him.

Betty Bailey and Lovie McGiboney visited Margie Ward Saturday afternoon.

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