Morgan Memorial Hospital named “2015-2016 Quality and Patient Safety Award Winner”

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Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) was named first place 2015-2016 Quality and Patient Safety Award Winner for Critical Access Hospitals for their “Nursing Cultural Triad: Trust, Commitment & Clinical Excellence.”

While they initially tied with another critical access hospital MMH still won first place out of six different categories containing a total of 45 hospitals.

At a Morgan Memorial Hospital Authority (MMHA) meeting on January 28, Kimberly Miller of the Quality Assurance and Process Improvement staff and Morgan Memorial nurses presented their award winning story board that recognized problems within the clinical setting, such as professionalism and customer service, as well as patient safety concerns and satisfaction.

Improvements that have been made include increased staff expectations and work ethic, communication, education of staff on patient concerns, and developing trust and respect between patients and staff. The hospital has also transformed their hiring process. Interviews are based on attitude. Potential nurses are offered a vision of the hospital’s ideal nursing department and are made aware of plans for the future. New nurses also receive an orientation and mentoring.

The staff as well as members of the board recognized that immense improvements had been made at the hospital in recent years. Nurse Angela Justice, a Morgan Memorial nurse of 15 years, was able to verify the improvements that have been made over the years. She said, “We have great leaders here. When I heard that changes were going to come about, I knew things were really going to change. Today, I feel like we are working as a team, not against each other, and we are more of a family than we were when I first came here.”

CEO Ralph Castillo couldn’t be more pleased with the hospital’s new impression due to the effort of the staff. He said, “What we’ve done recently is extraordinary. What people should be talking about is how amazing this hospital is – specifically, the clinical excellence that is applied here on a day basis and the customer satisfaction.”

The MMHA and the MMH staff are all looking forward to continuing these principles in a new and improved hospital in the near future that will allow them the necessary resources to continue success.

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