Happy Birthday Haillie Hickman!

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I wish a special happy birthday to Hallie Hickman on February 11. She and I have been friends for over 50 years. We have been to their house many times when her husband was living. There have been many other good times. The people that have know her for many years always called her Eleanor. Her name is Hallie Eleanor, I suppose. Either way she is a great friend.

I have several other birthdays. Janice Lankford has a birthday on February 19. Olivia Denning also has a birthday on February 19. Wyatt Collins has a birthday on February 14. A very happy birthday is wished to each of you! I hope that your day will be the best birthday yet! Edna Smith went to a baby shower for Notcha Sims.

Charles, Carolyn and Merritt Massey invited their cousins in Buckhead to eat. Robert Joe Bell from out of state, Jon and Virginia Appleton, Chuck and Miriam Foster, George and Laura Lohr and Barbara Tyson were the guests on Saturday.

February 13 is the date for the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel to have their Valentine Banquet. March 5 will be the date for the Men’s and Women’s Conference at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. It begins at 9 a.m. until 12 noon. Jon Read will be the speaker. Come enjoy the day. I enjoyed talking to two friends on Monday that I don’t get to talk to very much.

I enjoyed the telephone visits. We all get busy or just don’t get out too much. That speaks for me. What with colds, the many viruses I have been staying home. I get someone to get my groceries and do whatever other shopping that I need. That makes it much easier to where I don’t need to get out. My husband sits home, too so he won’t be getting exposed. Thank the Lord for the help that we have to do this for us. I still wash my hands a lot and try not to get germs that might get here. I hope that all of you stay well.

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