Nothing especially ‘Super’ about the ‘Super Bowl’

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Every one is talking about the Super Bowl! Why do they call it the “Super Bowl”?   Of course I’m not a big football fan but I didn’t see anything especially super and I know I will get a lot of boo’s from that, but most of all I feel for my Carolina family that was let down; and to think the Falcons Is the only team that beat this team. Oh well, enough of that.

What beautiful cold weather we are having now this is just a little touch of what winter should be but look at the date February. Spring will be here soon. I’m sorry I missed you last week it seems our social calendar stays full of important engagements doctor’s visits and I truly thought we’d be through in time to write and I don’t like to “put out” the Citizen with being late. They put up with me so kindly and I appreciate it, a great bunch to work for.

I do want to offer my condolences to Mrs. Yost in the recent passing of her father prayers and love for this family. Sunday was a beautiful day in the house of the Lord almost full and several visitors always happy to see this. Butch brought his sermon from Psalm 43 always love anything preached or taught from this blessed book and this passage is a song about trusting in God, a confidence of God’s love. We all at some time get to the place where we think no one loves us, but God is there we see how powerful He is.  No matter how many trials we go through we know God loves us.  All strength comes from God.

Let me go back to a little news from last week. Ronnie and Janice  are constant visitors and friends of the Jackson family, and Ronnie shared that his son-in-law was sick. I’m sorry to report that his son-in-law did pass and we want to send our love and sympathy to the Hightower family.  Butch had charge of his funeral services.

James and I along with Ruby and Eddie Stewart enjoyed the concert at Sewell Methodist Church last Sunday night. We truly enjoyed hearing “Divine Three.”   Truly a blessing and we got to see Cy and Ruth Easters and Robin Bryant, pleasure. Mike Walker had his surgery, (remember, he fell, broke his leg), has gone to rehab and is now at home and seems to be doing well so glad that God hears and answers prayers. We enjoyed having the twins and a friend come by for a quick over-night visit last week always a joy.  Thomas Buice, the son of James’ first cousin, Alfred, stopped by here for a few days with us on his trip back home to Tennessee. He went down before Thanksgiving and spent the holidays with his family. He is now back to the cold and predicted snow. He enjoyed being in our worship service on Sunday.  While here he celebrated his 72nd birthday. We enjoyed eating out several times and celebrating his birthday at Red Lobster.

Happy 38th anniversary to Gayle and Jimmy Holmes and 28 years to Kim and Rusty Johnson, all celebrated with a little out of town trip over the weekend. Don’t know how exciting Kim and Rusty’s trip was, but Gayle and Jimmy celebrated at the “Fish O Rama” thingie at Perry, golly-gee wish I’d a been there!!!!!!

Seems our prayer list grows every week. Eddie Stewart’s sister has just been diagnosed with colon cancer and several other members of their family are still fighting some sort of ailment. Herman Evans will be having three by-pass surgery this Wednesday.

It is so good to see Steve Smith out and looking good and Bennie Dooley fights his pain and seems to know his limits. Lou Comans, and I’m so glad to share this, actually played and sang a song last week at the nursing home and yes, I was so happy for him that I cried. I want him to do the same for us again. Always remember him, as well as Mr. O. L. Jordan, Darrell Farmer, Jackie Simmons, Ramsey’s mom who had a leg amputated last week, Alice Waddell and her mom, Betty McDaniel, Patsy Greene, Betty Walker, oh so many and always remember me as I am still having problems as is Ruby Stewart….so many on our list, but God knows each of them. Always remember our great nation, our military and my son-in-law in Jordan working. Getting back to gospel singing he beloved group “Straight Way” will be with Clarke and the gang at Maysville Methodist Church this Thursday night and then, remember this. We are going to have a special singing on February 27, that is a Saturday night so mark your calendar now. We feel honored to have “Divine Three” as our honored guest.   We will have a spaghetti dinner before, at 6 p.m. then the singing will begin about 7 p.m.   We are excited as this is the first we’ve had in three, four or five years and we hope it will be supported so that we can continue quarterly. Part of the group is not a stranger to some of us. Dennis Bryant was with the Sunny South Quartet, he began with them around the age of 18 and now he is a grandfather and I already love the others that are in this group. Watch for more information later.

The LIFT project with filling the handbags for the homeless was a huge success. Thank you to all our ladies that participated and made this a much appreciated project for the needy. Have you heard what Martha Dooley is doing for the Building Fund? She is making “Bed Buddies”, selling them for only $5.00 each and all the proceeds go into the building fund. These are great. She brought me one when I was sick. If you want it hot, put it in the microwave, or if you want cold, put it in the freezer.  Place it where you are hurting and it does give relief. Thank you Martha for such a wonderful gesture. And I want to say “thank you” to Sarah Peek who was so kind to donate bears to our Children’s Project”, for the children’s hospital. They were greatly appreciated and thank you for thinking of us.

I’m excited about an event that happens each April and I’m thrilled to be a part of “Festival Back in the Woods” will be held on April 16 and I will be singing there. This is put on by Forrest Hill, who happened to grow up in and around where we lived in Decatur, and a lot of help from his buddies. It was a “smash out” thrilling thing last year and I know all that are invited (over 500) are so looking forward to this all day “nothing but continuous music”. Thank you Forrest and the way you let God guide you.

Birthdays, they do come around. Okay the 8 is Jared Jackson and Dusty Sidwell’s birthday.  Blitz Barbaree and Ruby McCord on the 10, Jed Smith the 14, Alice Waddell the 17. Special blessings for Sue Crowley who will celebrate on the 12. Before I write again Valentine’s Day will pass and I wish each of you all the love you can handle from your sweetie.  Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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