Rock Eagle to hold ‘Owl Prowl’

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Special to the Citizen:

Have you ever heard a terrifying screech or maniacal cackling in your back yard at night? Chances are, it was one of our native owls. These animals have amazing adaptations for living the life nocturnal, including near supernatural hearing that allows them to hear a mouse from half a mile away. That’s the length of almost nine football fields! They also make some pretty spooky noises. At Saturday at the Rock, the night life will be a hoot! We’ll start by taking a hands-on look at some of the adaptations that make these animals so strange and awesome. Then, we’ll take a walk on the dark side with a night hike in the woods. We’ll use calls to see if we can find these feathered legends in the wild. To bring the evening to a close, we’ll have a presentation with Rock Eagle’s own live raptors for an up-close and personal look into the world of owls and their role in our habitat. This program is appropriate for ages 7 and up and costs $3 per person. The Twilight Owl Prowl will take place from 6-8PM at Rock Eagle 4-H Center on Saturday, February 20.. Guests will convene in the center’s Natural History Museum prior to the program. Advanced registration for this program is required. For more information or to register please contact Jessica Torhan at (706) 484-4838 or by email at A complete list of Saturday at the Rock sessions may be found online at:

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