Clerk fights off armed robber

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By Patrick Yost editor

Abbas Ahmed Fallah wasn’t going to take it. When a man walked into his convenience store on Newborn Road, near the intersection of Newborn Road and Interstate 20, with a rifle, Fallah said he thought to himself, “You’ve got to be kidding.” The man, who had covered his face with a plastic bag, pointed a long–rifle at the 49–year–old Fallah, tossed a white plastic bag on the counter and said, “Put the money in the bag.” “I said, ‘Are you joking or what? I’ve got cameras everywhere in here.” Fallah said the man paused, and hid the gun on his side as a clerk for the business came back into the store after taking out the trash. ”

He said ‘bring your (expletive) in here,” Fallah said the suspect said the clerk. The visibly shaken clerk ran into the store and the man, wearing a camouflage jacket, again pointed the long–rifle at Fallah. So he grabbed the suspect. “I cussed him out. I said, ‘i’ll shoot you.” Video surveillance shows Fallah grabbing the man’s hand holding the rifle. The suspect jerked the weapon back towards him and fled the store. The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 10 at approximately 9 p.m Approximately 45 minutes later Madison Police Officer Adam Hart, reacting to a ‘Be On The Lookout’ call from Morgan County Sheriff’s deputies regarding the suspect and a white SUV he was driving at the convenience store, followed a vehicle matching the description as it got of the eastbound lane of Interstate 20 at the Georgia Highway 83 exit and then turned westbound back onto Interstate 20 heading back toward Rutledge. Hart stopped the vehicle at the 105 exit ramp (Rutledge exit) and was able to detain and later arrest the armed robbery suspect.

Hart and Morgan County Deputy Derrick Reid, Corporal George Jackson, Investigator Chase Young and Deputy Tiffany Alliston arrested Andrew Tyler Pritchard, 28, Eatonton, at the exit ramp and charged Pritchard with armed robbery. According to reports, officers located a camouflage jacket in the 2000 Ford Expedition Pritchard was driving. They also located, reports state a Ruger gun clip loaded with 23 bullets. Also found in the vehicle was a white dog. According to Fallah, the suspect in the armed robbery let a white dog out of the SUV when he initially pulled into the Valero Convenience Store parking lot. The dog was taken to a deputy’s house for the night. The vehicle was towed to the Morgan County Detention Center.

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