Hospital hits fundraising goal

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) has raised just over $1 million dollars, which has secured a second million in funding for the new hospital project. An anonymous donor set up a Challenge Grant, promising to match dollar for dollar if the hospital raised $1 million by Monday, Feb. 15. “We have exceeded our goal,” said Megan Morris, MMH director of development. “But our work is not done yet.” “It seems we have hurdled dozens obstacles so far and still have dozens to go,” said Ralph Castillo, CEO of MMH. But with $2 million secured, MMH still needs one more million to reach the hospital’s Capital Campaign goals, in order to secure a loan to construct a new hospital in Morgan County, estimated to cost around $35 million. “Our Capital Campaign has an ultimate goal of raising $3 million,” said Morris.  “We have now raised the first million through generous community support and therefore met our challenge goal of receiving a second million through our matching grant.  Now the work will begin on raising the third million!

We will continue to work with our friends and partners within the community as well as put a strong focus on applying for various grant funds.  The support shown by the community in helping us to raise the $2 million lends a lot of credibility to our applications that we will submit for grant funds.” Morris was grateful for the dedication and collaborative efforts that have gone into this unprecedented fund raising campaign for MMH. “As our development officer I’m blessed with the opportunity to get to share this exciting news.  However, our success is due to a team approach with both internal and external stakeholders,” said Morris.  “Each of our employees, regardless of their role within the organization, has been instrumental in our accomplishment!  The reputation that our employees have developed of providing high quality, patient focused care made a huge difference in our ability to accomplish this goal.”

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