Milton to seek second term as BOC

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

County Commissioner Ron Milton announced his run for reelection this November at the Morgan County GOP’s annual President’s Day Celebration at Bonner’s in Buckhead last Monday. “After conferring with many citizens in my district and county, I have made decision to seek another term as commissioner for the 5th District,” announced Milton. “Four years ago I had stated I would assess when the time came whether to ask voters for a second term or just serve the one term. If voters approve my serving a second term that will be as long as I would want to and believe a commissioner should serve.” Milton believes his time serving on the Board of Commissioners has given him the experience and familiarity to continue representing his district. “I have learned a lot in these past three-plus years. In addition to completing the Association of County Governments required training for certification I have completed specialty track training,” said Milton. “But more important than required is what I have learned interacting with the residents of my district and the county. I have gotten to know many people in the county I otherwise would not have had opportunity to meet. I believe the most important thing personally I can say from my serving is that I have returned all phone calls and mail, and have visited and looked at any county problems a citizen might be concerned with.”

Milton believes crucial events and decisions are looming in the near future and desires to be a part of the outcome. “There are many important things happening in our county in the next couple years that require a concerted and conservative approach in dealing with, including budgeting and taxation,” said Milton. “My promise, if elected for a second term would be to continue to listen to the citizens of the 5th district and county and represent their concerns when voting on items that come before commission.”

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