Rejoice with me!

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Greetings from The Springs! Don’t forget that this coming Sunday will be USBC’s Annual Black History Program. Mother Doris Shepherd is organizing another eye-opening event, plan to join us at 10 .a.m.

Church Conference was held on Saturday, February 13.. The report from the deacons was that church is doing very well. There are several new events scheduled for this year and I will update you on all of them. Also on Saturday, the Couples Ministry held a Valentine’s dinner at the Rock Eagle Conference Center in Eatonton, GA. I must tell you that the facility was outstanding.

The event personnel decorated our room beautifully for the occasion and our meal was delicious. The wait staff provided excellent service and from speaking to the attendees, we will be using their services again. Special thanks go out the entire team that made our evening a wonderful experience. Before Pastor Robert Terrell’s began his sermon on Sunday, February 14, 2016, he rejoiced by seeing several members that have been gone for a while. Connie Thomas was one of them and she has been recuperating with her family in Atlanta, Ga. Pastor Terrell also mentioned Joe Stokes and members of the Rivers Family. The devil had counted them all out but “Grace” and “Mercy” said oh, no!

“I’ve already paid the price!” Thank God, their souls are anchored in the Lord! What a time of rejoicing we had with them! The message for the morning came from St. Luke 15: 1-20. Pastor Terrell went line upon line, precept upon precept to show how these verses tell of a parable describing three kinds of people. The first type of person is described in verses 4-6 which speaks of the man that went after one lost sheep. It tells of the person that was saved. Similar to the sheep, he is one that needed leadership. If he does not stay close to the fold, he will wander into harm’s way. It is important to keep all the sheep together. All of us belong to the Lord and He is just as concerned when one of us gets lost. When found, the man, “calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost.’”

For too long, those in the church have talked about people when they have fallen from the sanctity of the church. The Bible tells us we are supposed to go and get them. In addition, when they come back, they don’t need to confess anything, either. For what? They do not owe us any explanation. If they need propping up, then we need to do so. If they are down, we need to help them get back on their feet. In this case, the man put the sheep on his shoulders and rejoiced because he was able to carry it. Pastor Terrell next pointed out the kind of person that was lost by no consequences of his or her own. Verse eight shows this with the woman who searched for her lost piece of silver. The coin could not find its way back to the woman on its own. She had to go and look for it. Therefore, in the church, the one that is missing and you have been talking about is the one you need to go and find. This is more about if the silver was a member of the choir or a member of the ushers. Then that group needs to go after that person.

However, most of us are waiting on the preacher to do it. The only one that you don’t go after is the one that left on their own. This is the final type of person that this parable describes. This person left after wise counsel was given to him. This younger son in the passage wanted some mature things even though he was not mature himself. Sometimes you have to wait a while on them and keep praying. It is not that they are not coming back but they are not ready yet. The man went and got back the sheep. The woman went and found the silver coin. However, the son that was raised up in the family, nurtured but left before maturity came; we are not to go immediately after him. However, we pray every day for God to send him to come back and get under the covering.

In closing, Pastor Terrell told us how to respond to them when they come back to us. We cannot gloat in their mistakes. They are not the first to make a mistake and they will not be the last. Pray for them. When you get the one that is lost or when one decides to come back, tell someone, “Rejoice with me!” Glory Be To God!

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