Remembering Jim Roberts

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We send our sympathy to the family of Jim Roberts. Jim was the husband of the former Mary Ann Jacobs. Jim and Mary Ann had been married for 61 ½ years. They had lived in the same house for 50 years in Los Gatos, California. Their family of four children was at Jim’s bedside when he passed away. Mary Ann had already moved to a personal care home. Mary Ann Jacobs Roberts was born and reared in Buckhead. She attended the Buckhead School until she needed to go to high school in Madison to complete her schooling.

After graduation Mary Ann went to college. At some point she met Jim Roberts at the “Sky High Club.” Both Jim and Mary Ann were tall so they were members of a club for taller people thus the “Sky High Club.” When the Jacobs lived in Buckhead her dad owned and operated a store. t was a good store that filled a spot for people’s needs, as did the “Bells” store and others. It would be a good time for Mary Ann’s friends here to pray for her and her family in their loss at this time or to call her. There was the G.O.P supper at Bonner’s at Buckhead Monday night. Barbara Tamplin was in charge of giving a talk on President’s Day. Her speech was on President Lincoln. In the program the “Buckhead Boys” performed. A good crowd attended.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have a program on March 3. It will be “Young at Hearts Seniors.” On March 5 there will be the Men’s and Women’s Conference. The speaker will be Jon Reed. You are invited. The meeting will last from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The church will begin on March 21-25 to have Easter Holy Week. Different members will preach at another church for one Sunday. For instance Pastor Alvis Richardson will preach at Brownwood on March 22. Rev. Jeff Hicks will preach at Lake Oconee on March 24. The date of March 21 is still open. Each minister visiting your church pulpit will talk on Holy Week leading up to Easter.

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