Invest in something more valuable than money

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Attendance Sunday morning was good with some members able to be back with us after being out with sickness. God is good. We were also thankful that Carter Brown’s surgery went well and he was back in church today. We were blessed to have several visitors and we pray they were as blessed as we were by their coming. They are always welcome.

Pastor Anthony Cottrell’s message was, “What are you fishing for?” We want to talk about investing this morning but not investing money. There is something much more valuable than money and can yield greater gains. YOU! What should we invest in? 1. Our relationship with God through seeking wisdom in His word, through time of international prayer and through keeping our minds on Him. 2. Invest in out families teaching, encouraging and spending time with them. 3. We should invest in our church through our services visitation opportunities and fellowship. 4. We should invest in the people around us by being who God calls us to be. Matt. 4: 18-22 as Jesus was walking by the sea He saw two fishermen. He told them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men, a transformation started when Jesus spoke to them. Peter and Andrew left their nets. With the days of Jesus and His disciples we can see a lot of investments that took place. In order for someone to become a fisher of men they must realize what they are fishing for or investing in. Acts 9: 10-19 Jesus was the ultimate fisherman. He knew just when and where to go fishing. He told Ananias when and where to go and who he was going for. Ananias had thoughts, but he knew if Jesus said go he must go. By him going he yielded a catch of a lifetime. Saul regained strength and started preaching in the synagogues. Next Saul was known as Paul and was a great fisher of men himself. In Paul’s first letter to Timothy he speaks of him “as my true son in the faith.” Acts 16: 1-5 we first meet Timothy when Paul is heading out on his second missionary journey. Paul served as spiritual father for Timothy helped encourage Timothy through his journey, helped to steer him in the right direction by giving him sound advice and teachings from God. II Timothy 1:5, Prov. 22:6, II Timothy 2: 1-2, and Matt. 6: 19-20 what are we investing in? Where are we putting our efforts on this side of eternity? Are we fishers of men?

Sunday night at 6 p.m. Patrick Alligood began a study on the Holy Spirit. Next Sunday morning, Feb. 28 at 8 a.m. Brownwood Brotherhood will have their first fellowship meeting. These meetings are held on designated Sunday’s prior to Sunday school. Breakfast will be served. All men are urged to attend. Margie Ward was among many to visit with the family and friends of Grady Stewart at A. E. Carter Funeral Home Saturday night. Our sympathy goes out to his family during this time.

A group from Brownwood will go to NurseCare next Sunday morning at 9:45 for Sunday school. The residents love to have people come in and visit with them anytime. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Our church, along with others, is teaming up with Beacon Heights Baptist Church to have a “Holy Week,” the week leading up to Easter.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend these services at 7 p.m. each night. Monday, March 21 – Beacon Heights Baptist Church, Rev. Wayne Ghann; Tuesday, March 22 – Brownwood Baptist Church, Rev. Alvis Richardson; Wednesday – Everyone will meet at their own church; Thursday, March 24, Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel, Rev. Jeff Hicks; and Friday, March 25, Rutledge Baptist Church, Rev. Anthony Cottrell. March 6 – 13 is Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North America Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. Pray for local authority!

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