Madison’s Got Talent’ a sure show stopper

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

The Madison Artists Guild has a plan to engage individuals of all ages and abilities in a community art project to raise awareness of the visual arts while providing funding for this nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The plan is to build a great art wall made up of canvas squares each designed and created by individual artists – whether they are professional, amateur, or just hoping to become artists. The artists will then donate their art back to the Guild to become part of the Great Art Wall of Madison. And for anyone who might be a hesitant artist, the Madison Artist Guild will host workshops to help un-leash those inner artists. Each artist can choose any subject and media (painting, drawing, collage, photography, fabric, paper, etc.). The blank canvases will be available at several shops in town and will be distributed to our Guild members, schools, the Senior Center, community organizations and individuals throughout March. The kick-off will begin at MAGallery’s March First Friday on March 4th from 5-7pm.

These canvases will be given free to all who want to sign up and participate. Each participant will then create a unique work of art on the canvas which will then be collected and displayed together in panels (much like a patchwork quilt) in different locations around Madison throughout April and up until our May celebration. Everyone is invited to the party at the Icehouse Creative on May 14th from 5 -8pm to view the Great Art Wall of Madison in its entirety. Throughout April and up to May 14th, the Guild will be selling $30 tickets for those who would like to take home a piece of the wall. There will only be enough tickets sold to equal the number of canvases created. So be sure to get your tickets early! The exciting part will be not knowing which artwork a ticket holder will receive until the Wall is dismantled and the tickets are matched to each canvas. You do not have to be there to get your artwork, and out of town ticket holders will receive theirs in the mail. But, you’re sure to want to see who gets which canvas. Any trading after the drawing will just add to the fun!

So, be on the lookout for the blank canvases which will be ready for pick-up by March 4th. For more information, check at the Madison Artists Guild Gallery at 217 W Jefferson St, across from Town Park, or call the Gallery at 706.342.9360 or Lori Williams, Event Coordinator, at 770.312.3495.

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