Sugar Creek Baptist will sponsor a gospel singing

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A little rainy and dreary here this Monday morning, but hey, aren’t we happy to still be alive with all that’s going on in the world today, we never know what tomorrow will bring. We had a warm time in our service on Sunday, even with several families out of town with sick ones and deaths, or just for pleasure we still had a great meeting.   Butch brought his message from John 18: 31-38, “How do we know the truth?”   How do we know? Who is not telling the truth?  What YOU think about God is the biggest decision you will ever make.  Faith alone is all we need and what we experience is true.  We learn from experience. Hebrews tell us “it is impossible for God to lie”.   Truth is the Word of God, now so more than ever.

I missed being with you last week. We had the opportunity to go up to Fort Mill, SC to be with our family, and mostly to get more acquainted with our little great grand son, Dalton. Even though the weather report was bad, we didn’t experience any badweather, just a good time. Thank you to our family for allowing Gayle, James and me to come in on your long weekend. Thank you Gayle for making this trip possible for us. Talking about loving great grand babies,  Sue Crowley along with Glenn Pruitt are on cloud 9 lately. Glenn’s son and Sue’s grandson, Kristopher and Ginny Pruitt presented them with a huge valentine on the 14th a darling little girl.  They named her Eva Ari Pruitt and she weighed 5 pounds and 13 ounces. Now can you imagine this little doll? Congratulations to the family,and Kris and Ginny in Sacramento, I know Sue is counting the days until you can visit. First of all let me make this announcement.

It was supposed to have been published in the Community Calendar the last two weeks.It was left off for some reason.  Sugar Creek Baptist will sponsor a gospel singing this Saturday night, the 27th at 7 p.m. featuring divine 3.

A spaghetti supper will be served at 6 p.m.  we would love to see our church packed out for this event and you will surely receive a blessing to hear this group. We are excited about this and we’ve been “talking” it for several weeks as this is the first we’ve had in several years due to finances. We pray you will be there to support us so that we can look forward to more in the future. There is no charge but a love offering will be taken. James and I went over and visited at Lone Oak Sunday night. It is always a pleasure to attend this loving church and to sing for them. Lynn, I’m so sorry I missed seeing you, but I send my love and sympathy to you. It was a bittersweet feeling to see our beloved church removed from our location, as we could not afford the $$$$$$$ it would take to put her back in tiptop condition. We pray that she will restand be happy at her new location at the Hundred Acre Farm down the road from her former home. We all have heavy hearts,but in another way we are happy for her. We send our love, prayers and Christian sympathy to Eddie and Ruby Stewart and the Stewart family in the recent death of Uncle Grady Stewart.  He was 91 years of age, but we know he will be Missed; also to the Sandy Martin family in the death of Sandy’s aunt in Gainesville.

Both funerals were held on Sunday.    Several of our friends attended the blue grass festival this weekend down in Palatka, Florida. I hear they had a great time. Sandy Waddell and Chuck Shubert went along up to Gatlinburg to help Tammy and Joey Waddell celebrate their anniversary, a great trip I hear.   Happy anniversary to Joey and Tammy. Now to get to our sick:  Herman Evans is doing well and recovering from his recent open-heart surgery,  O. L. Jordan recently had some tests done and I understand the results were good.   Michael Jordan is in the hospital with a heart attack.  Mike Walker is doing well with his therapy after his broken leg surgery.  Steve Smith is doingso good after his open heart and it’s so good to see him sitting back there every Sunday. He looks like a 29-year-old guy with his beard gone. Patsy Greene and Mary Beacham are both not up to par lately.  The Dooleys are taking it a day at a time.   Still remember Jackie Simmons, Lou and Jessie Comans, Bud Malcom, Alice Waddell and Betty McDaniel, still so many on our prayer list AND please pray for our upcoming election. GET OUT AND VOTE and always remember our Military and our great nation.

Again, thank you to those that I meet that tell me they enjoy my writings and miss me when I don’t write. You do not know what that means to me. I think sometimes I’ll give it up as I’ll soon be turning 81, but then you give me encouragement.  Martha Dooley is doing a great deed for the Building Fund? She is making “Bed Buddies”, selling them for only $5.00 each and all the proceeds go into the building fund. These are great. If you want it hot, put it in the microwave, or if you want cold, put it in the freezer.  Place it where you are hurting and it does give relief. Thank you Martha for such a wonderful gesture.  You will find them in the hall way of our church.

A great investment. Can you believe that February is almost gone?   I guess when you are older, time does actually fly. Belated birthday wishes to Eddie Stewart on the 23rd, Jordan Busbeethe 24th, O. L. Jordan and Justin Walker on the 28th.  Blessings for JoAnn Hix our cousin on the 20th and to Morris Stancil the 26th.  Belated anniversary wishes for Sarah andDavid McLendon on the 19th. And special wishes for my granddaughter Amber Holmes on March 1st. We will welcome March next week and, Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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