Lots of “action” happening in April, festivals, fundraisers and more

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Hey, Happy Leap Year Day to you! How many of you have a birthday on February 29th? Nice day here today, nippy but not cold and the sun is shining. After a great weekend I can truly say I’m thankful to be alive on this beautiful day. I woke up and I can walk across the floor without help. I always think of those who cannot do this and then I realize just how much I have to be thankful for. I can even say that not a lot of people live to be my age and do some of the things I can still do. Lord, I am so thankful that You love me. I think we had a good crowd for our Sunday worship hour. Seems our Sunday school numbers are down but thank you that there are still those that come for the worship service. I truly enjoyed the sermon Butch brought from III John on Sunday. I took so many good notes from this one but will try to narrow it down so you won’t get bored. He talked about our reputation. Do you care what others think of you?   I sure do and always have (this was not in his message). Even growing up as a little girl I was always aware of what others might think of me. I always wanted to be remembered as someone you could trust, love and look up to. I tried to never ever tell even a little white lie. That white lie is just as bad as the biggest black lie.

NOW we earn our reputations. Notice the characteristics of people you come in close contact with how they act in every day occasions, then how do they act in church. Our reputations are very important and is a belief about your belief.  Sure, there are those that do not care what others might say about them but it does matter. What do you think of yourself?  What do you think others think of you? Most of all, what does God think about you?   Do you have a false balance here?  There is no middle ground. Our reputations are very important once a bad reputation surfaces it’s usually too late to “fix”. We had our, hopefully the beginning, of our Quarterly singing on Saturday night with a great turn out and the spaghetti supper was delicious. I heard no one say anything but good things about this night and our guests and we look forward to having them back.  I want to thank all those that I personally invited to attend and tell you how grateful I am and so good to see each of you.  We did vote in our Conference last night to continue with these events and that made my heart so happy.

Thank you Divine 3 for such a great night. And I want to especially thank the ladies that slaved in the kitchen helping to prepare the meal. We need to give them more credit. It was a pleasure for James and me to have Gayle come down on Saturday night for the singing then stay overnight with us. She had to rush back on Sunday as Bailey had a double header Sunday afternoon. I told Gayle that when they (my girls) played on softball traveling teams they never had to play on Sunday. The Inspirations are going to be at Calvary Baptist Church in Statham on Thursday and Friday nights at 7 p.m.  at the Maysville Methodist Church this Thursday night with Clarke Kesler will be The Troy Burns Family.    We are happy to hear that Herman Evans is at home and he should do well, after all he does live with a nurse. Some of our members are going to have procedures soon, God knows about each of them.   Mike is slowly getting there been a long time for him and for his wonderful caretaker, Betty Walker. We have such a long prayer list, I can’t name all of them but I know Someone who knows each by name. Especially pray for our Nation and I hope each of you voted. Stephanie and Sandy Martin went to be with Sandy’s mother this weekend. Her heart is broken after losing her sister last week. We need to pray for this family.

March has not hit us in the face yet, so I don’t really know what all is going on and the most blessed time of the year, Easter is nigh upon us. Lots going on with the local churches let’s support each other in these events. If you have news, feel free to contact me. I do know we have a lot of “action” in April our Moon girl cousins will be getting together again, there’s the “Festival Back in the Woods” at the home of Forrest Hill, several family birthdays. Our annual church chicken barbecue fundraiser. Oh, I’m tired already!  By the way tickets for this barbecue are on sale now see any member of our church to purchase yours. We begin a new era from here on out, we do nothing but look up.We have some great members; a great leader and we have great plans. Keep our little congregation in your prayers. We still have the “Bed Buddies” for sale. We have really had great success with these hot/cold buddies and they are only $5.00.  You can’t beat that.  And it goes for a good cause.

Happy birthday to our one and only Steve Smith on March 5th.  Also to Mattie Stewart on this date. Very special wishes for my little great granddaughter, Ariel Holmes. I can’t believe she will turn 5 on the 6th. Kelly and Ronnie Lawson will celebrate an anniversary on the 6th. Ladies meeting this Thursday night at 6:30 plans to make it. I’ll leave you with this:  “When we become wise our lives are lived from our hearts”. Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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