Morgan Commercial Dairy Heifer team competes

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The Morgan County 4-H Commercial Dairy Heifer Show Team competed in the 19th Annual UGA Commercial Dairy Heifer Show hosted by the University of Georgia’s Dairy Science Club. The show was held at the UGA Instructional Arena on Saturday, February 6th with Amanda Lutz and Tina Horn serving as the official judges. A total of 228 heifers and 175 4-H and FFA exhibitors competed in the two day event. A judging contest was also held for the exhibitors on Friday night. Results for Morgan County are: Syerra Burky 7th place in class 1 and 7th place in 4th grade showmanship; Hunter Kiepper 7th place in class 2 and 13th in 5th grade showmanship; Noel Pickel 3rd place in class 5 and 6th place in 5th grade showmanship; Peyton Frierson 6th place in class 4 and 8th place in 6th grade showmanship; Catlyn Johnson 5th place in class 1, 8th in class 2, and a 7th place in 6th grade showmanship; Nicholas Cagle 6th place in class 10, 4th in class 12, and a 1st place prize in 6th grade showmanship; Leah Benkoski 8th place in class 15; Emma Newberry 1st place in class 11, 4th in class 16 and 1st in 8th grade showmanship; Mikey Ivy 2nd place in class 15 and 7th in 9th grade showmanship; James Cagle 2nd place in class 12, 6th in class 18, and 4th place in 10th grade showmanship; Constance Johnson placed 5th in class 8, 3rd in class 16, 4th in class 17 and 9th in 11th grade showmanship. Emma went on to be named the Junior Grand Champion showman as well as the Senior Grand Champion Heifer for the day. Constance Johnson had the winning t-shirt design for the event. She received a cash prize for her hard work and creativity. A special thanks to the Williams family for their help and support with the dairy show team. The team’s next and final show for the season will be February 19th-20th in Perry, Georgia at the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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