Trump and Clinton win big in Morgan

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Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

Following statewide trends, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton emergd victorious in Morgan County, after the final votes were tallied for the Presidential Primary Elections on Tuesday night. With a 50.86 percent voter turnout, 5,3330 votes were cast in Morgan County. Republican Candidate Donald Trump earned 39.92 percent of the Republican votes (1656 ballots) and Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton earned 71.51 percent of the democratic vote (910 ballots). Republican Candidate Ted Cruz trailed in a close second to Trump with 27.75 percent of the vote (1151 ballots) and Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders lagged in a distant second to Clinton, earning 22.06 percent of the vote (259 ballots). The rest of the Republican candidates still in the race ranked as followed: Marco Rubio came in third with 21.05 percent of the vote, Ben Carson came in fourth with 5.67 percent of the vote, and John Kasich came in fifth with 4.44 percent of the vote. Candidates who dropped out the race prior to the primary election still received some votes, but in numbers no greater than 20.

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