An opportunity to praise

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Sunday was a beautiful day to be in God’s house. Our attendance was good with members and visitors. We have room for more so we invite you to come and be with us in any of our services. We still have several members out due to sickness. Our prayers are they will be able to come and be with us soon. Pastor Anthony Cottrell’s message was, “An opportunity to praise.” We all probably have gotten excited watching sports of some kind when a home run is hit or tackle broken and a score was made. Whatever the time we felt like we were connected to the team. How can we relate these times of excitement during games to our praise and worship of God?

Or can we. You may say, “I just don’t worship God like that” and that maybe so but how then do we worship God? Some people are really excited when they come to church to worship God. Others aren’t excited at all. Last week we spoke on letting God’s word be a mirror that reflects the condition of your heart. Your heart sets the tone for your worship. This morning we looked at the story of the exodus to see how Moses responded to God during this time in his life. Exodus 13: 17, 18, 21, 14: 5-14, 21-30. The response from Moses 15: 1-18. The end response from Moses and children after all they went through was to Praise God! Some reasons we have to praise God today, He loves you and is faithful, He reigns eternally, He is our refuge, He is the ultimate judge and He has pardoned us. He is sovereign, He is holy, and He is merciful. Psalms 92-103 We each have so many reasons to praise and worship God! Psalm 100: 1-5. 1. Sing to Him everyone. Worship should not be passive, make a joyful noise, and shout! 2. Serve with a heart that loves Him as an opportunity! 3. Know who you serve, He is God, Creator, sustainer, life giver and the one who can take away. 4. Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, hands lifted showing confession, praise and thanks. Why? For the Lord is good! His mercy is everlasting; this truth will never end but will endure all generations! Let the Spirit of God work on you; be moldable like clay in His hand. Sunday night at 6 p.m. attendance was good. Special music was, “Standing on Holy Ground,” by Connie Cottrell. Pastor Anthony Cottrell’s message, “What are they looking for?”

In a Christian’s life the first priority within completing the Great omission is to serve God, the second priority is to seek to spread the love of God. Today’s age is the age of the church; society looks at the church searching for something, some kind of hope. What are churched and unchurched people looking for in the church? Some thoughts are, open relationships, honest leadership from Christian, acceptance, the unconditional love we claim, humility in admitting when we are wrong, be excited about our God as we think we are. Mark 11:12-14. Parable of the fig tree, full of leaves but no figs. Jesus was hungry but found no meat. Jesus’ next stop was the temple, cast out people for buying and selling, overthrew tables of the moneychangers. What did we say people are looking for in the church today? Mark 11: 15-17, Rev. 3: 15-16. God does not desire that His children be lukewarm, or a fruitless tree full of leaves. He desires that we are the church that produces the fruit that leads people to Him. The Morgan County Baptist Association Senior Adults will meet Thursday, March 17 at 10 a.m. at Cracker Barrel in Madison.

A special Annie Armstrong Easter offering will be collected Sunday, March 290 a5t Brownwood. “Holy Week” schedule of service: 7 p.m. each night; Monday, March 21 Beacon Heights Baptist Church, Rev. Wayne Ghann; Tuesday, March 22 Brownwood Baptist Church, Rev. Alvis Richardson; Wednesday, March 23, everyone meet at their own church; Thursday, May 24 Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel, Rev, Jeff Hicks and Friday, March 25 Rutledge Baptist Church. Rev. Anthony Cottrell. Melissa LeClair visited Peggy Harper during the week. Joe and Retha Brown visited Peggy Harper Thursday night. March 6 – 13 is Week of Prayer and Missions Study for North American Missions and th4e Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Margie Ward visited Peggy Harper Friday night. Continue to keep Peggy in your prayers. Saturday night, March1 2 before going to bed set your clocks ahead one hour. Remember the saying, “Spring Forward and Fall Back.”

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