Cantata on Palm Sunday at the Buckhead Baptist Church

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Edna Smith’s brother, Johnny Tanner had a stroke. He lives in Texas. I hope that he can get rehab and get better soon as possible. Lilla Jo Evans’ cousin died. She was Louise Cower. I was sorry to hear about that, Lilla Jo. Miriam Foster and Barbara Tyson went to Augusta to visit their cousin Frances Wingfield. The Buckhead Baptist Church will have their cantata on Psalm Sunday. They will have a fun event on Saturday night. They will have donuts to eat. They are to have a contest to see who can eat the most. I can imagine it to be a lot of fun.

The Rev. Alvis Richardson dedicated his granddaughter on Sunday at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. The parents of the baby are Matthew and Vanessa Richardson. Edna Smith’s cousin has been in the hospital for three weeks. She is a teacher at Covington. Edna’s brother has gone Illinois to stay for a while with his son Eddie. Her brother Edward is from Covington. Buckhead Baptist Church will have their Easter Sunrise service at the Buckhead Cemetery. Why not go to this service? Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is to have an event called, “Young at Hearts Senior Moments.” That is to be on March 10. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel Brotherhood and WMU will meet next Tuesday. There will be a speaker. The church will be involved in Easter Holy Week. They will have “Road to the Cross” where there will be a service each night from March 21-25. The first night will be at Beacon Heights with the Rev. Wayne Ghann preaching. On Tuesday, March 22, Rev. Alvis Richardson will preach at Brownwood; Wednesday, March 23 each pastor will have prayer meeting at their own church. The Rev. Jess Hicks will be at Lake Oconee Baptist on the 24th the Rutledge Baptist Church will have the Rev. Anthony Cottrell on the last night. People from each church will visit these other churches. It will be like a revival to get each and everyone in a spirit that leads up to the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallie Hickman’s granddaughter, Madison was saved at Lake Oconee Baptist Sunday. She will be baptized next Sunday. Leigh Ann Bell and Melanie Massey gave a baby showed Sunday for Laura Massey at Leigh Ann’s house. Huberta Crisp was recently in the hospital in Athens. She is doing well now. A cousin of Jean Phillips, Debbie Van Dyke and Betty Andrade who lives at Newnan died.

We send our sympathy to these families. I wrote about “Jim” Roberts’ death several weeks ago. He was the husband of the former Mary Ann Jacobs of Buckhead. Jim was an outstanding man in all aspects of his life. Not only was Jim a man that served in the latter part of World War II but also in the Korean War. He worked at Lockheed Missiles for 37 years. In addition to all of this he donated blood 622 times. The blood total was 70 gallons and blood products. He dearly loved his wife and four daughters. He was active in his church as well as some organizations, where he was outstanding. He is being missed so very much. I talked to Mary Ann several times on the phone. I guess I lost her number. She had written to the paper, I think to get my address and had written to me. We were classmates at Buckhead. If she wants to call I’m at 706-342-0266.

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