It is the Spirit Man which defeats Satan

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Greetings from The Springs! USBS honored Deacon Alexis Alonza Hill, Sr. with a beautiful home going service on Thursday, March 3. Affectionately known as “Scoop”, he was a well-respected businessman often thought of as the best roofer in the Lake Oconee area. At The Springs, he was a great example as a model father. He loved his gorgeous wife, Denise, dearly and guided his family in a godly manner. If you were to look up in the dictionary the definition of a great family man, the name Alexis Hill should be included. Yes, we will miss him tremendously but at the same time, we will continue to love and cherish his family. He was a man of God, loving husband and devoted father. He was our friend! March is Women’s History Month at USBC, and we will be celebrating Women’s Day on Sunday, March 20, at 10a.m. Our Women’s Conference will be a two-day event starting Friday, March 18. That Friday night, the first session will start at 7p.m.

Session two will be on Saturday, March 19 starting at 9a.m. Sister Toni Terrell and Dr. Kathy Hubbard have been working diligently on this event, so come expecting a blessing. All women in the community are strongly urged to attend this exciting seminar. Congratulations to the Morgan County High School Boys and Girls Basketball Teams for being the State AAA Champions! The Boys Team defeated Jenkins High School with the help of freshman starter, Alex Woodard of The Springs. The first three quarters were nail biters but during the fourth quarter, they stepped up their play that led to an insurmountable lead. In addition, Assistant Coach Brian Greene deserves credit for leading them to victory. For the Girls Team, Autumn Woodard had a great game along with Jaturia (Pie) Brown.

The girls handily beat Jack-Atlanta in this thrilling matchup. There’s more! It was announced that Gatewood won the State Championship in their division. Marcus Ford has been playing outstanding basketball all season and he helped his teammates reach the top level this year. He is the son of Nicole Crawford and the grandson of Deacon John and Mother Margaret Clements of Eatonton. Aris Hubbard is also a member of this team and her mother, Kathy Hubbard was a member of the 1983 team that won the State Championship, also. This fact needs to be noted in the school archives. Pastor Robert Terrell had a wonderful sermon on Sunday, March 6, that told us the importance of building up our spirit man. He used the life of Jesus to show us that we can live in a holy way similar to His. Some of us don’t think that the spirit man can work outside the church. In the sanctuary, you enthusiastically praise, but in the world, you act like an undercover Christian that is in the “Secret Service.” Outside the church, no one would know that you are a Christian. This also leads you to fight the devil with the fleshly man. We should be able and willing to tell the “Good News” wherever we go. It is time out for “Showtime” Christians. Instead of following the Word, we set ourselves up for a downfall by trying to fit in with the world. You cannot defeat the devil in the flesh.

It takes the spirit man. Pastor Terrell stated that the Word of God is our guide. Luke 2 is a chapter that describes the life of Jesus from His birth until He reaches 30 years of age. Satan never defeated Him. He had the favor of God and man. In verse 22, the parents of Jesus brought the child back to the Lord. He was named on the eighth day and at 40 days of life, He was presented to God. Today, we have dedication services. One very important point is that you need to be sure that the person laying hands on your child for the dedication has the Holy Ghost. In verse 22, we see that Simeon was, “just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.” Just as Simeon was led by the Spirit, the person that does your child’s dedication must be the same. The spirit man defeats Satan. Moving on in the text, verses 39-42 reveal Jesus when He reaches 12 years of age. The Bible states that, “the child grew and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon Him.” This means Jesus grew physically and was mentally strong. He grew in His mind by studying and He walked in the way of holiness. He had the Word and was teaching at this point, but the Holy Spirit had not yet baptized Him. We need to bring our children to church and God will do the rest.

The Lord requires us to do this just as the parents of Jesus did. Bring them to the place where they can hear the Word. The spirit man defeats Satan. At the end of this chapter, Pastor Terrell said that Jesus is now 30 years old. “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Not only did He have approval with the Lord but He also had it with the world. Most importantly, during this period, He still stayed at home with His parents. We see this looking back at verse 51. He was subject to them. Young people today need to understand that they are not really grown until they get out on their own. The world tells them that they are adults to the age of 18, however if they are still living under their parents roof, they are subject to them. Luke 3:22 is the point where Jesus is baptized. “And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art My beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.”

Up to this time, what Jesus had was obedience to the Word. From a baby to adulthood, He defeated Satan. He did all of this because He was filled with the Word of the Lord. Pastor Terrell ended by saying that we can overcome Satan with obedience to the Word. Jesus went to church and studied to be filled with the Word. Then He was baptized with the Holy Ghost. This is our example to do the same. It is not about the church setting. It is about having the Holy Spirit inside of us and taking it everywhere we go. The world needs to see the sermon in our lives. Remember, it is the spirit man that defeats Satan! Glory Be To God!

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