Keith Howard to seek third term on school board

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Tia Lynn Ivey editor

Keith Howard, the District 3 representative for the Morgan County Board of Education (BOE), has announced his intention to seek a third term on the board in the upcoming November election. “If the citizens of District 3 bless me to serve another term, I would like to finish what we started together,” said Howard.  “I have demonstrated by my previous service that we can be fiscally responsible while increasing academic excellence and enhancing our infrastructure.” Howard has enjoyed an extensive career in both education and law enforcement training. From 1990 to 2005, Howard served as a supervisor for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. From 2005 to 2015, Howard worked for the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. Currently, Howard is serving on the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Howard has also been teaching at the college level for over 20 years, teaching at both Columbus State University and Thomas University. Howard is married to Angie Howard, a Bostwick City Councilwoman. The couple has two sons, one of whom is a sophomore of Morgan County High School. “So you see, have reason to be vested in the quality of education Morgan County offers,” said Howard. Howard desires to serve another term in order to see the long-awaited College and Career Academy (CCA) constructed and established. Howard has been a long-time advocate of the CCA during his time on the school board. “It appears that the College and Career Academy is finally coming to fruition and I would like to see that through to its completion,” said Howard. “I am for career-minded academia, which is more suited to the District 3 environment. It’s something I always campaigned for during my first and second terms.” Howard also noted his role in maintaining “fiscal responsibility” while serving on the BOE, serving six years on the BOE’s budgetary committee. “We had to make sacrifices during the worst years of the recession, but we never compromised on our academic standards,” said Howard.

“And even during the worst years, we were able to manage our budget and still take the rollback millage rate during every budget cycle. We stayed fiscally-responsible while also making improvements to our academics.” Howard, if reelected, believes this will be his last term on the BOE and he plans to make his time count. “During these next four years, we will have an opportunity to influence the future of Morgan County education for decades to come.  Thanks to all the citizens of this county, we have turned the corner on career academies and are moving in a direction that better supports our community academically,” said Howard.  “There is no greater reward than knowing that we are preparing our children to be life long productive citizens. I want to make sure that we move forward fiscally, academically, safely and respectfully.  I would be honored to serve another term and ask for your vote.”

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