Lots of “action” happening in April, festivals, fund raisers and more

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What a beautiful day this Monday is, as was yesterday, the Lord’s Day. Is spring close by or do you think more winter is to come?  I think we will have a little more cold weather. James has the fever. He’s really working in our yards and he does enjoy it so much; hard to believe he’ll soon be 86. Thankful for a good day on Sunday with a good message and a good crowd. Our Sunday school attendance was back up and that pleases me; so good to see some that has really been sick. And good to see Mike Walker comes strolling in with his cane.  Now he has come a long way so many problems he has conquered along with the help of our Almighty God. Patsy was in good spirits as was Betty and Mary; Herman is home and is doing well and those like me that have had problems, maybe this crud is passing on over.  I’m still a little under the weather but have survived without the doctor’s care this time, just trying to live it out. Sorry I was not able to go to Monroe on Sunday to sing with Jimmy, maybe  next time. Butch brought a good message from Haggai 2:1-9, “The Future Will Outshine the Past”.

With God anything that is righteous is possible.  Are we obedient to God’s Word?  Trust God on the past history.  How faithful are you at trusting Him?  Our God is a promise keeping God.  God has greater things in store for us.  He will provide. He is all-powerful. My little great granddaughter along with family and friends enjoyed the Atlanta Zoo for her birthday celebration.   Hard to believe my baby girl has turned 5. I am already looking forward to July and homecoming and I am proud to say that I have booked  “Divine 3” for this 4th Sunday in July. I told Dennis this would be very special for me as my birthday will be the next day. More information will be available as the date draws nearer. But right now we concentrate on March. Stephanie and the kids will be delivering the teddy bears to the Children’s Hospital on March 19th. We are still a few shy of 50 so let her know if you have yours to add.   Stolen from Margie Ward, and thank you for posting, we, as a group  are going to try to make some of these nights during “Holy Week”. For those that might not know I’ll give a quick run down.  Each night beginning at 7 p.m., March 21st Rev. Wayne Ghann will be at Beacon Heights Baptist; March 22nd Rev. Alvis Richardson will be at Brownwood; March 24th Rev. Jeff Hicks will be at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel;  the 25th will find Rev. Anthony Cottrell at Rutledge Baptist.  Let’s  all try to attend and support our neighboring churches. April will bring our Fundraiser for the Building Fund.

Everyone knows we have the best chicken barbecue in the area so get your tickets from any member of our church $10.00 get you a half chicken, baked beans, chips, slaw, bread and dessert.  Several events going on in April more information on all this later.  Hey, don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour on Saturday night. I can’t believe that time is already here. Happy birthday to April Bell on the 14th and Bennie Dooley on the 17th. Happy anniversary to David and Shannon Busbee on the 14th. Not too much going on this week, so I’ll leave you now wishing each of you a great and successful week.Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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