There’s a new underwear in town

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Hot Hot Hot SAXX! Move over ladies, there’s a new topic on the golf course these days and it ain’t what you think! Momma was over at Lake Oconee Saturday at the golf club spyin’ on all the handsome men and she said boys from all over Morgan, Putnam, and Greene Counties are flat goin’ nuts over the new men’s SAXX Underwear! Listen y’all! Momma even bought her oldest grandson a pair for Christmas at The Clothing Depot and flat had to go back to get three more pairs ‘cause he liked ‘em so much! Cooper Rainey, owner of The Clothing Depot in Greensboro and Eatonton, said he’s never seen a product like this one! Cooper says men from 16 to 60 are flat obsessed with SAXX! “Literally, men have told me it’s been life changing!” And, he says they feel like you’re wearin’ nothin’! Ding dang dong! Apparently, they’re sellin’ like hotdogs at the ball park (ba-dum ching)!

Ok accordin’ to the SAXX label, the secret are the patented mesh panels in each pair: “This pouch keeps everything in place.” Y’all can check out The Clothing Depots’ full page ads in each issue of Lake Oconee Living magazine! And, just head over to one of their locations and pick up a pair for yourself at 305 E. Sumter Street in Eatonton or 108 North Main Street in Greensboro! And, speakin’ of a hot topic, honey City of Madison Event Coordinator Colleen Hall says this year’s Chili Cook-Off has dang got some serious attention! The Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) has named our little cook-off their premier Georgia cook-off with a smack-daddy title! The Madison Downtown Chili Cook-Off & CASI 2016 Georgia State Championship Open Cookoff! Ding dang! Colleen says y’all had best start testin’ your recipes! Yes! I’m gonna start really tweekin’ Hot Off The Presses recipe so we can flat WIN Peoples Choice AGAIN! Look for entry forms to be online at in early July! The cookoff will be held in October! It ain’t never too early start plannin’! Ok y’all!

Georgia Overstock Outlet located at 1143 Eatonton Road next to Happy China is flat havin’ a huge One Year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday, March 12 rain or shine! Radio personalities Julio, Buster and Chip from 92.3 WMOQ will be there from 2 p.m. til 5 p.m.! Free BBQ, raffles, booths from other businesses and much more! Head over there this Saturday! This just in! A Morgan County High School Championship Parade has been scheduled for Friday, March 18 at 4 p.m. to celebrate our Morgan County High School Bulldogs and Lady Dogs State Championship Victories as well as our Morgan County High School Wrestling Matt Dogs State Champions! Ok so the route will go from College Street to East Avenue to Hancock to Jefferson culminatin’ at Town Park! The City of Madison is askin’ for y’all to watch from Jefferson Street along Town Park!

Be there to honor our amazing school and amazing State Champions!! Biz Buzz is flat proud of y’all! And, speakin’ of proud! The Morgan County Citizen urges you to check out all of our fabulous advertisers who supported our Champions this week! Parents of Champions! Please let these advertisers know how much you appreciate them supporting our kids!! Calvary Baptist Church; City of Madison; Farmview Market; Fierman Law Firm; Georgia Farm Bureau; James Madison Inn; JEDT Insurance; Jim Boyd Insurance; Jeanne DuFort Horse & Home Realty/Coldwell Banker; Lambert, Reitman & Abney; Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce/Partners In Education; Madison Studios; Madison Tea Room; Main Street Vet; Morgan Memorial Hospital; Paschal Orthodontics; Petals Salon & Teal Couture; and United Bank. Ding dang! Outta space! Check in for more news next week on Morgan County Citizen and Lake Oconee Living advertisers! Now y’all smile and sing along: You’re all invited back next week to this locality to have a heapin’ helpin’ of Citizen hospitality! Biz Buzz that is. Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

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