Ah spring! Loving the budding trees, blooming daffodils

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The time change came. The daffodils are blooming. The Bradford pear trees are blooming up the road from us and down the road. I was talking to someone about how winter temporarily left us. Many years about the time of Easter there was a rather cold spell. I have noticed that the trees are budding. Some people might plant their gardens. We haven’t had a garden in several years but if we were in the notion of having one we were not going to put it in this soon. There was one year that we did plant tomatoes soon. We had several saw horses and some tarp. There was frost some nights so we always covered the plants. They were not hurt and we had early tomatoes. That was great! They were large. I noticed that Carrie Belle Harper has a birthday on March 16.

We wish Carrie Belle a very happy birthday. She was the sister of the late Rassey Smith. About 12 ladies went to the home of Laura Lohr on Monday to work on a quilt. The name of their group is Meadow Crest Quilting Club. I did not find what they do with the quilts once they are finished. I will find that information before next week. I imagine they had a great time together. I was in a club a few years ago. We had fun together. It was the Lake Oconee Coffee Club. We met once a month in someone’s home. Edna Smith went out to eat with friends to the Grit Restaurant in Athens. People at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will go to an event pertaining to Graham Crusade on May 15. I will have more details next week. Several Baptist churches begining later this month will have another pastor to fill their pulpit one night. Members from the churches will visit these other churches participating. Listen for more details. Buckhead Baptist Church will have their cantata on Palm Sunday. They will have their Sunrise Service at the Buckhead Cemetery. As you can see I don’t have much news. Please help me out by letting me have your news. I was sorry to hear of the death of E. J. Bell. I don’t know the arrangements. I send my sympathy to the family.

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