First Call is now “on the road” to offer free pregnancy tests

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First Call offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasound using a medical professional. We are now “on the road” to Hancock and Morgan counties. We will be in HANCOCK County next to the Technical School ON MONDAYS and in MORGAN County on Hwy 83 next to Wellington on FRIDAYS with our services. Please call 706-453-1908 for more information or call the number on our RV (706) 817-7572. We have been open in Greene County for over 10 years and have seen the birth of over 400 babies to mothers that are involved in our programs at First Call.

Programs include education about adoptions plans, personal health during pregnancy, prenatal care, lessons on nutrition, domestic violence during pregnancy, development of the baby in each trimester, dangers of smoking, understanding exercise, hazards during pregnancy (tattoos, etc.), understanding emotions and body changes/hormones, importance of being aware of infant movement within the womb, preparing for bringing an infant home, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, car seat safety, and infant CPR. Classes are also offered after the baby is born about watching for development milestones, safe proofing the home, safe sleep and avoiding SIDS, emergency first aid for accidents and illnesses, feeding the baby and introducing foods, shaken baby syndrome, regular doctor visits, and development of discipline plans. Prayer and sharing the Gospel of Christ are integrated into our relationship with our clients. Attending our classes allows women to also visit our Baby Store where they can receive much needed items for their babies such as diapers/wipes, cribs, carseats, clothing, bottles/formula, etc. ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE!

That means that many families have had the opportunity to receive information and spirtual guidance that could impact the lives of the Moms and all children in that home. Margaret Keck is our Executive Director and has been with First Call for eight years. Our Medical Director is Dr. Ruby Cheves. Our Client Services Director is Jari Francis, and our Administrative Assistant/Car Seat Safety Technician is Donna Reitman. Our Board members are Chairman, Toby Dalton, Treasurer, Fran D’Antonio, Secretary, Nancy Long Nancy Dawkins, Carolyn Fears, Tammie Hillin, Kevin Ramsey, Russell Wall, and Mike Kelly First Call Pregnancy Center is a 501(3)c and is resgistered as a charitable organization with the State of Georgia

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