Madison’s merger and aquisitions week

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M&A Activity Spotted in Madison! Mergers and acquisitions ain’t just happenin’ on Wall Street, Honey! Momma just found out there’s been a merger on Hancock Street! You heard right! Christy Friesen owner of Clover House Gifts has bought out Jamie Williams’ Wild Card Café operation! The café and gift shop already share the same space and will reopen Tuesday, March 29 as Clover House Café & Gifts! I love it! Ok, so here’s all the scoop and nothin’ but! The café’s menu and décor concept will stay the same: Healthy, Fresh and Homemade salads, soups, sandwiches, delish desserts and daily specials in a bright, comfortable atmosphere! Oh and of course they’ll also remain open for breakfast! Christy says they are tweekin’ the menu a bit based on past consumer sales, trends and appeal! The gift shop concept at Clover House also will continue to offer fantastic accessories and gift selections for weddings, birthdays, new baby gifts and then some! According to Christy, the combination of the gift and café concept has been extremely successful because both operations compliment each other so well. “Jamie and I have built a loyal customer base of people looking for fresh, healthy food and hard-to-find, quality gifts and accessories.

My goal is to build upon the success we’ve had since opening last May.” Ok so what about Jamie? Well honey, Jamie told me openin’ a café was always on her Bucket List! She loved runnin’ the café but now is gonna focus on her family and her handsome husband’s Main Street Vet business, which is in the process of building a brand spankin’ new building on Eatonton Highway! Y’all will continue to see fabulous ads for Clover House and Main Street Vet in this newspaper and in our beautiful Lake Oconee Living magazine! I flat love my advertisers! Whew! All that business means it’s time to relax and honey the best place for that is just up the road a spell at Southern Spa & Patio located at 8 North Main Street in Watkinsville! It has it ALL! Owners Casey and Jay Thornton have 6,000+ square feet of Bullfrog Spas, Primo Grills and fabulous furniture and accessories for outdoor livin’ Southern style! Ok so y’all the best thing EVER is the amazing bed swings that Southern Spa & Patio will flat have made to your specifications! I need that bed swing immediately! Y’all head over there and check it out!

And, check out their ads in the Citizen and in Lake Oconee Living magazine! March Madness begins at Wendy’s! Lord have mercy! Y’all get your Free Throw game on ‘cause honey you can win big! Wendy’s located at 1961 Eatonton Road in Madison has flat Got. It. Goin’. On! Here’s what’s happenin’: Qualify to be in the Free Throw competition from March 16 to April 4! Honey, a basketball goal is goin’ up behind Wendy’s they are lookin’ for the best free throwers of all time! To qualify for the top 16 compete March 16 from 5-9 p.m., March 18 from 2-9 p.m., March 19 from 2 – 6 p.m., March 20 from 2-6 p.m. and March 23 from 5-9 p.m.! The first 16 who throw the most consecutive free throws will be selected to compete in the Sweet 16 event on March 26! Then it’s onto the Elite 8 on March 30, the Final Four on April 2 and the Championship on April 3! Honey even Wendy herself is gonna show up at these fun events! Oh and there are also tons of fun in-store weekly promotions on this month with Mondays (sports jersey gets you free combo upsize), Tuesdays (kids night dine in for $1.99 from 5-9 p.m. and fun activities with Wendy), Friday (Chicken nugget combo deal 5-9 p.m.), Saturday (Game Night 5-9 p.m. with Wendy’s prize wheel) and Sunday is Sundae-Funday with free toppings with a donation to Dave Thomas Adoption Fund! Check out the Wendy’s ad in this week’s paper! Good jolly! What in the Sam Hill is Momma doin’ out there tryin’ to shoot basketball! Watch out Momma! CRASH! Well I reckon it’s a good thing Momma has an AFLAC supplemental health insurance policy! Ok so y’all can get AFLAC coverage for your employees with zero cost to your business! Plus it’s extremely affordable and y’all know health insurance don’t cover all of it! So call Cindy England at 478-451-7113 or email her at and honey she will flat set you up! Hey! Check out the AFLAC ad in this week’s newspaper! Ding dang! I am flat outta space already and still have more buzz to get to like the new restaurant in Bostwick and Madison’s smokin’ new vape shop, but it’ll have to wait til next week! So let’s leave on a happy note or two! Paul Reid! You’re on guitar! Jimmy Nolan … harmonica! Jim Winkler … Banjo! Terry Smith! You got it – tambourine! This is one of PawPaw’s favorites! “Keep on the sunny side. Always on the sunny side. Keep on the sunny side of life. It will help us every day, it will brighten all our way, if we keep on the sunny side of life!”

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